Sonos 5 as a subwoofer

  • 27 December 2016
  • 3 replies

Hi all, my first question now I've joined the sonos community is can a Sonos 5 be used as a sub?

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3 replies

Not really. The only way to do this would be to group it with a play 1 unit for example, and use the EQ features on both in an extreme way so that bass is fully up on the 5 while the treble is fully up on the 1, with the other slider on the opposite end. No idea how well that will work though.
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... perhaps the context for your question may help... As a pure "sub" as in a 5.1 TV audio setup? .. no.

As an additional speaker to enable a better "bass" response in an existing room audio setup? well... kinda. But that doesn't make it a SUB... To me, the Play5 definitely does provide a better bass response and rounds out the sound relative to the 1s and I can see using one to help fill a space... but depending on the space, I might instead go with two 5s in a stereo pair and use the 1s elsewhere... Truth is, the 1s are really exceptional on their own... but so much depends on your space and what you want to accomplish... Adding a 5 to a room isn't like "adding a SUB" to a room where the system will use the SUB differently from the way it would send audio to the 5.

I have one SUB... In my opinion, it is amazing. I'd love to have another in another room of my house, but I'm struggling with the cost for the benefits for that room...
Thanks guys pretty much what I thought but needed second opinion. Better get saving