Some questions before getting two Play:1s as surround

  • 3 December 2016
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I am quite new to Sonos, have read some on this forum and the guides for 5.1 but I feel I must ask some questions before I take the plunge and get a couple of Play:1s. I have read the guide ( and can see in the app that it plays Dolby digital 5.1 from both Netflix and my BD player.
The thing that confuses me is that this should not be possible since Netflix uses DD+ and BD films I tested uses DTS hd master but still the app tells me the playbar plays DD5.1 and I get perfect sound, is my tv converting the sources for me automagically and I will get surround if I get the two Play:1s? DTS from dvd does not work how ever but that is according to spec but how come it works from DTS hd ma?
Next thing, can Sonos 5.1 emulate Dolby Prologic II and give me "fake" surround from stereo sources?
I have a Sony KD-55X8505B tv and a Sony BDP-S5500 Bd player connected to my Playbar+sub.

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4 replies

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Most Blu-rays that state DTS also include DD 5.1 audio in order to be "backwards" compatible. If your TV was in fact re-encoding DTS to DD5.1, then the DVD's you tried that were in DTS would have worked - right?

I have various Blu-rays that I ripped to MKV files. The ones that I ripped with DTS audio only plays as stereo on my Playbar. So, since I purchased the Playbar I now make sure to rip in DD5.1. I honestly don't know why Sonos didn't include a HDMI input so we could also use DTS.

Yes, the Sonos 5.1 system can emulate Dolby Prologic. When hearing a simple stereo signal I get some "ambient" sound from the 2 Play1's. The level is adjustable in the app.
Thanks for reply tom12!
This is where it gets me confused. I can check (by pressing a button on the BD remote) which audiotrack that is playing on the BD player and when it says DD 5.1, DTS HD master or DD True HD the Sonos app tells me I get DD 5.1 just as it does when I have Netflix with DD+ movie playing. When I try with a dvd and BD player says that DTS track is used I get no sound, just as expected but when switching to the DD 5.1 I get just that in the app and of course sound from the Playbar. Should I assume that my tv is actually re-encoding the source or using a "hidden" DD 5.1 track inside the other formats while the player tells me it's using the DTS HD ma/DD True HD track?
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Hmmm, Well since we know that the optical audio port can't support DTS HD or any of the other uncompressed formats something is converting it to DD5.1 if that's what the Sonos app says it's receiving. I found the manual for your TV online, and it and it states that when you set the optical port to "Auto" it will send DD 5.1 audio (page 189). So it must be your TV.
Great, thanks! I'll probably buy two Play:1 now as they are discounted atm. Next issue is to decide, black or white... 😉