Small Projector setup with Sonos

  • 3 February 2017
  • 8 replies

Wanted to confirm whether I understand the Connect amp right as looking to us it in a small projector set up. My plan is to use an Amazon fire tv box, then taking the hdmi output use a splitter to separate the video and audio parts. The visual output would run straight to the projector (BenQ W1070+), the audio outputs would then run to the Sonos Connect Amp. This would be part of an existing wireless Sonos setup which consists of a Bridge and two Sonos play1.

Would the Connect Amp, allow the audio signal from the Fire TV signal to be played through the Sonos Play1s? Or have I misunderstound how the Connect amp works?


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8 replies

As long as you have an audio line in going to the connect amp, All should work fine. In the Sonos menu you will have to select line in in that room. Be sure to Name it. that way you can access it anywhere.
IMO this isn't a good idea, even though you probably would get audio out of the Play:1s. And I suspect you have misunderstood the purpose of a Connect:Amp, which is to allow you to stream music through Sonos to a pair of legacy, passive speakers. To buy one just to get a line-in would be madness. If you have one already that is slightly different - do you? It would be marginally more sensible, and cheaper, to use a Connect rather than a Connect:Amp.

Either way the video and audio aren't going to sync with this set up. And of course you would only get stereo, with no chance of surround sound.
Ah ok, thanks for clarifying I wasn't completely sure about the Connect:Amp that's why I asked.

I'm looking to find a way of broadcasting audio from the tv box, connected via HDMI to the projector can't do this. As I already have a Sonos system I was hoping to use that for the audio. Using the Connect seemed the only way taking the tv audio output and getting a line in to broadcasting it using Sonos.

Even if this were possible the video and audio would be out? Am I basically better off looking at the Playbar?

Yes you are better looking at the Playbar! And you could use the P:1s as rear surrounds if you wished. I'm not an expert on projectors and I don't have an Amazon fire box. Does it have a digital optical out? If so you could run that direct to the Playbar. Are there any other video sources you want to use?
Just to confirm, all Sonos analogue lines-in have an audio lag of around 75ms built in. It's just enough to annoy some people but others seem OK with it. Probably depends what you watch.
Ha well there goes my 'trying to do it on a budget' This projector doesn't have a digital optical out I just checked, does have analogue. Unfortunately not, I'm looking to just remove the TV altogether and just have a TV box running straight to projector - but this is turning out trickier than planned. The Amazon fire box used to have an optical out but not anymore, that;s why I was looking to split the HDMI signal. I could see the lag getting annoying after a while.
OK. Splitting the audio out from the HDMI should be possible. I think this would do the job up to HD video but you might find something cheaper. I'm not promising this would work!
...although not sure where you will place the Amazon fire box as video and audio have to go to units a long way apart, unlike with a TV (to state the obvious)