Simple question: is Deezer Elite available to Sonos users in the USA?

  • 12 December 2014
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Deezer Music Service

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19 replies

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Hi Harlan, 
It sure is. You can find some more information about Deezer Elite and Sonos here
Thanks for reaching out, and please do not hesitate to let us know if we can be of further assistance.
Warmest regards, Lesli
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I believe Deezer "Elite" is exclusive right now to USA.
Whenever I try to register (in the US) it tells me it is not yet available in my country. I wonder if a similar issue drove the original question. I have yet to be able to get this to work.
I'm in the UK so the position may be different, but have you been trying to create the Deezer account outside of Sonos or by adding the servicet through the Sonos controller app?
through the app -- which leads me to the deezer site.
OK. That seems the right way to go... Yet it still then says that the service is unavailable? Through the app is how I managed to add it to my Sonos. There's plenty of evidence on the web that Elite is available to Sonos in the US
Ah. I think maybe you have to already have a Deezer premium+ account @ before you upgrade through Sonos.
When i try to order through Deezer, this is what i get from going to
Deezer, the streaming music service, will soon be available in your country.

I'm on my regular Comcast network at home.
Could the geographical settingso n your computerb e set to something other than the US?
Good thought, but it's happening from my phone as well.
Clutching at straws now, but phone also connected via Comcast?
Further thought. Is your Sonos system registered to a US address? Have you registered your Sonos system, period?
Happens on phone when not connected to wireless. I have a Sonos login, and the system set up. Not positive that equals "registered" however. I will look around and see what I can find in my Sonos account. thanks!
Yes -- registered to US address.
Sorry, I'm out of ideas. There is no question that Deezer Elite is available in US, please see link below. You might try rebooting router and Sonos units (it's amazing what that often fixes), otherwise try calling Sonos Support
Thanks for all the help, John!
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Thanks for all the help, John!
Agreed, great work John.

It does sound like giving us a call would be best. There might be an issue with the external IP address your system has, or possible the DNS servers it's going through.
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Interesting rant about Deezer on a Sonos board.