Shaw x11 remote pairing with Sonos Beam

  • 23 February 2021
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I am having trouble pairing Beam to Shaw remote x11. The LG OLED tv sound is coming through the Beam but I can not get the Beam to power up / down and control volume with the Shaw remote. The codes provided by Shaw box have not worked to pair the Beam. At this stage the TV is paired to Shaw box but I have to use the TV remote to adjust volume.

5 replies

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How is your Beam connected to your TV? Can you program the remote to control just the TV?

The TV is connected to Beam with an HDMI cable. The TV recognized the Beam immediately and switched from internal speakers to Beam automatically. I have noticed that when I get the instructions from the Shaw box on TV screen to add external speakers, Sonos is not listed among the various brands of speakers to pair with. That may be a problem and I will be taking that up with Shaw today. I went through a dozen codes that were given to use but no luck. The Shaw remote paired with the TV and does control the TV’s power and volume.    

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Be sure your Beam is connected to your TV’s HDMI ARC port and make sure Simplink (CEC) is setup on your TV.

Here are a couple of links on how to setup your remote with your TV and Beam: 

Shaw Instructions

Sonos Instructions

Thanks. Will try that and let you know how it goes.

I finally managed to get the Shaw x11 remote to control the sound on the the Sonos Beam sound bar. I found the 4 digit code to pair with on a Shaw website. Thanks for your help.