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  • 27 November 2021
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Hi Together,


Before posting this question i seaarched the forum but did not find the correct answer, so might be a repost but please go through it and suggest me.


I bought a Sonos Playbase, currently i have a Benq projector which is connected to Apple 4K TV (box), so not using any TV.


When i tried to setup the Playbase, i am not able to do it, because, as i understood, i should also connect the Optical cable to some TV, otherwise i can not setup the Playbase.

As i dont have the TV, i am not ablr to do it at the moment.


If i buy a Coaxial to Optical switch/convertor, is it possible to setup my playbase without having a TV?.

14 replies

Which model projector are you using?

Hi i am having BenQ TK 800M UHD projector, first i am not able to setup the playbase


I have a Sonos Playbase without connection to a TV and can control it without any problem. You would need an optical to analog output to connect it to your projector - given the HDMI-support on the projector a Beam would be the better choice


Hi @el rubio,


Thank you very much for the info, you made my day.


Can you please suggest me one device, i am sorry but wanted to make sure i will buy the correct one.


Thanks and regards,

Vijay Nannapaneni.

Hi @el rubio 

I have one more question, so video source will be taken by the Apple TV right?

if I have well understood you have the Apple 4K TV HDMI connected to your projector and want to have the audio-out of the projector connected to your Playbase - so it would be from analog to optical, right?

Hi @el rubio exactly, but the problem is, currently i am not even able to setup playbase

you should at least find the Playbase in the Sonos App and be able to play music without any TV set attached

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  1. You should be able to set up the Playbase without it being connected to anything. Can you post any error messages that you receive when trying to set up the Playbase?
  2. The projector does not have an optical connection. This will present you with a problem.
  3. The Playbase is normally put under a TV. How do you plan on using it with a projector?


Hi @el rubio 


when i see how to setup playbase, in sonos it says as a prerequisite the optical cale should be connected to TV, and i am not able to connect it i thought thatvthe reason why my sonos playbase is not displayed.


i have no existing sonos, so completly new setup, once i installed sonos app and login there not able to connect my device at all.


@106rallye  Thanks for the response, i will send you the error in couple of minites

You’ll need an external “box”. From page 17 of the projector manual: “The projector is only capable of playing mixed mono audio, even if a stereo audio input is connected.”

Here is a device that will extract audio for PLAYBASE.

Depending on the source of information, the maximum recommended length of a TOSLINK (optical) cable is 5-10 meters (16 - 33 feet). I have had success with 45ft Blue Jeans custom TOSLINK cables.

You will not be able to play audio from the projector until you add the “box”, but you can play music sources, such as Internet Radio or a music service such as Spotify. For the time being you should ignore the TV audio setup for PLAYBASE and setup for music play. TV audio play can be added later.

Hi Everybody, finally i am able to detect the Playbase and connect it to Projector Thanks to everybody