seperate equalizer settings for music and tv input

  • 10 June 2022
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Hi all,


why is it that in 2022 there is still no separate equalizer for the music and tv input?


when watching a movie i have too much bass, when listening to music there should be more for me.

It can’t be that hard too ad? 

please….. pretty please make this happen, next week would be ok for me…


thanks in advance


The world

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5 replies

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If you use an iOS device, consider downloading the Soro app. It will allow you to create shortcuts for preset EQ settings using Apple’s Shortcuts app. Read more here:


Just to mention, if you use iOS, there’s a third-party iOS shortcuts App called Soro that can do this and you can create an icon on your iOS device for each of your chosen EQ settings, and/or you can activate them via Siri. ‘Hey Siri turn on Music EQ Settings’ - see attached screenshot of one I just created in the App. It’s easy to use (it’s mostly drag’n’drop).

edit: ah I see @GuitarSuperstar beat me to it. 👍

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Thanks both, I will have a look at that… but my opinion: this should be possible by default

Completely agree. This honestly ought to be simple to implement from a software perspective and I absolutely wish it was an option. Please make it happen Sonos engineers/coders.

Same. Arrived here after searching. Roam has more bass for music than arc+sub+ones.