Samsung TV - Beam just stopped working

  • 5 September 2023
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I have been using my Beam on my Samsung TV for over a year and it has been great.  Now there is no sound coming from my Beam.  who I disconnect the HDMI Arc, the TV speakers start working.  when I connect the HDMI, it says that the Beam has been successfully connected.   None of my other HDMI ports have anything connected to them...only the Beam.   Any help would be great. 




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2 replies

Hopefully the TV/soundbar is not set to ‘0’, or muted.

Anyhow, I would perhaps first try powering the TV and Beam off for a few minutes and re-seating/swapping its HDMI cable and see if that solves the issue. If no joy with those things, then just see what happens when you switch the TV Sound-Out settings to either ‘Dolby Digital’ or ‘PCM Stereo’ and ensured AnyNet+ (CEC) is enabled on the TV.

As discussed in the many other threads like this, Samsung released a faulty update to their TVs last week. There is some suggestion to switch to LPCM, some to Dolby Digital, but your best bet ultimately is to contact Samsung directly.