Samsung Television UN65NU800D (Costco) CEC/ARC issues Sonos Beam....continuing problems

My initial setup went fine and the Beam worked as advertised. The setup was temporary while the Pro Wall Set-up was being finished. After mounting the TV, and the Beam along with a DVD Blue Ray the audio playback went from ARC/HDMI to television thru the Beam (and no Dolby & Atmos etc)

Sonos App would not resolve to getting a good CEC (Samsung AnyNet) connection. The steps in the following URL worked: resolved the issue.

My hunch is the BlueRay was hogging the connection....

Part 2:

Yesterday I believed I had solved the I turned on the television and immediately could tell the sound was not right. Checking the Sonos app the Media Room did not show as active. The television set-up under Room Settings showed no CEC connection. The BlueRay player was connected yesterday and today I have disconnected it in attempt to reset as per above link.

Sporadic CEC issues and degraded function of the Sonos Beam are of grave concern for me. The PlayBar & PlayBase were both terrible products (for spoken word). The Beam sound is wonderful but these connectivity issues need a timely solution. Please provide a solid and sustainable solution. Thank you.

Diagnostic: 1381591251

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It appears that Samsung and CEC are the issue. If you can turn off CEC in the other devices (Bluray, etc) it could well help. Failing that, fit a CEC-less adapter into the HDMI from the Bluray.
ratty...thank you for the reply. What is a CEC-less adapter? I currently have a standard HDMI connection for the assumed problem BlueRay device.
Something such as

Search Amazon for 'CEC-less' and it'll yield adapters like that and cables, which break the Pin 13 connection and thereby disable CEC.
ratty...Thank you for the education on the nuances of CEC. Much appreciated.
I have again gone thru the reset procedures described above. This time I left the BlueRay player disconnected. Again the problem persists after turning the television on. Sonos App shows no CEC connectivity and the television indicates that the television is controlling the sound (although standard fidelity sound coming out of Beam.)

I have to disconnect the television from power (unplug) and disconnect Beam ARC/HDMI connection. Then reinstall and it will work....until shutdown and another turn-on.
You may want to be talking with Samsung at this point. Although you do seem to be the only person afflicted with this situation, there's been no others posting about it.


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