Samsung Television UN65NU800D (Costco) CEC/ARC issues Sonos Beam

My initial setup went fine and the Beam worked as advertised. The setup was temporary while the Pro Wall Set-up was being finished. After mounting the TV, and the Beam along with a DVD Blue Ray the audio playback went from ARC/HDMI to television thru the Beam (and no Dolby & Atmos etc)

Sonos App would not resolve to getting a good CEC (Samsung AnyNet) connection. The steps in the following URL worked:

My hunch is the BlueRay was hogging the connection....

All steps followed and Bob's your Uncle.


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Hi, teamviper. Thanks for sharing your experience and providing the resolution to your issue. I am sure others will benefit from this information. Let us know if you need anything else. Many thanks.


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