Samsung remote no longer controlling Sonos sound bar (optical cable) via remote

  • 9 September 2021
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I’ve lost the capability to control sound on my Sonos Beam from my Samsung TV remote.  This had been working fine for years but stopped working after a full power outage.   Since then, to change the volume, I either need to push the buttons on the sound bar directly, or I need to use the Sonos app on my phone.

The sound bar is hooked up to the TV via optical cable, and I've confirmed the TV is set to use the Optical sound output.  I've replaced the batteries in the remote, and have also tried two Samsung remotes (both of which are connected to my TV).  When I hit Vol+/-, the /- indicator on TV shows up, but the sound on the Beam does not change.

I have tried re-configuring the remote, deleting/adding the remote but nothing has worked.

I’ve already read past fix suggestions relating to Samsung Universal Remove settings eg.

but this doesn’t work.  Has anyone else come across this issue please?


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 9 September 2021, 21:55

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2 replies

Does your Samsung TV not have an HDMI-ARC Port that you can use with CEC to control its volume instead? 

Assuming the remote does control the TV using Bluetooth, then perhaps try these steps…

  • First power off (not standby) all devices for a minute or two and power them back on again. You can leave the TV in standby at this point.
  • Goto the Sonos App ‘Settings/System/[Beam Room Name]’ and toggle ‘Off’/‘On’ the ‘Use IR’ option. Ensure you leave it switched ‘On’.
  • Goto the ‘Remote Control Setup’  immediately below the ‘Use IR’ entry and follow the onscreen instructions. It will prompt you to press your volume-up key - do that using your TV Remote - if it works, then you are sorted and the remote should now control the volume of your Beam - note you can at this point play some music to the Beam (perhaps do that via the Sonos App) to test to see if it works. If your remote doesn’t work then try any ‘other’ device remote (temporarily) just to see if that works, as that should at least help you to confirm the Beam IR sensor is working okay.
  • If it doesn’t work just for your Samsung remote, then I suspect your remote is either not Bluetooth enabled and needs to be switched to using a Bluetooth connection and you can perhaps contact Samsung support to establish how to do that.
  • If no remotes work at all with the Beam ‘remote setup’ feature, then I would submit a diagnostic report (note it’s reference) and then contact Sonos Support via this LINK.


Thank you Ken!  That sorted it.