Samsung QN75Q7DRAF not passing Atmos to SONOS Arc from Sony - UBP-X800M2

  • 14 March 2024
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As the title says - I am having issue getting ATMOS to passthrough Samsung QN75Q7DRAF to SONOS Arc from Sony - UBP-X800M2


The Samsung does NOT have eArc only Arc - I had an AppleTv 4K which I discovered will not pass ATMOS through to reg arc only eArc - anyone know if the Sony has the same issue?   I have searched other threads and made the changes on the Sony Blu-Ray and still no luck 

Built in TV Apps like AppleTV/Disney etc DO send ATMOS mix to the Sonos Arc, and if I use Sonos App, I get ATMOS from both AppleMusic or Amazon Music.


This all frustrating because I am trying to go more minimalist and got rid of a Denon AVR3500, Polk floor standers & center channel and an Outlaw LFM-x1 sub to go all Sonos - Really going to suck if the TV is the now the weak link in the chain!


I don't see any updates that were made by Samsung to upgrade the ARC port to eARC (if even possible) Is there any kind of adaptor that could fix this?



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Blu-Ray discs have full bitrate Dolby TrueHD soundtracks which cannot pass via ARC, they need eArc.