Samsung One Connect & low audio volume

  • 4 July 2017
  • 7 replies

Have installed a new Samsung MU9000 TV that has the Samsung One Connect hub that everything plugs into. Used the Optical Toshlink connection between my Playbar and the One Connect. Setup everything according to the guidelines on Sonos. While it does work the volume output is low. I have to put the volume at max in the app just to get an almost acceptable leve. Have searched various forums and not heard this issue tied to anything with this generation of smart hub. I have verified that the Samsung One Connect is configured for optical cable out, and is transmitting Dolby Digital.

Any ideas?

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7 replies

Not familiar with the specific unit, but I'd check to see if the optical output has a setting for "fixed" rather than "variable". You shouldn't be using the Samsung equipment to control the volume, it should be a single line level input, which you then control via the sonos.
I have the previous generation of Samsung TV with One Connect hub..So you have selected the Sound as optical out and in expert settings for sound set HDMI to Bitstream and and Audio Format to Dolby Digital? On my TV the TV remote can control the Sonos volume. The Sonos volume setting needs to be higher than it is when streaming Music, but not much.
I have verified that everything is correctly set. I saw the threads about setting the optical output to fixed and it doesn't look like that is an adjustment that can be made. I have no problem controlling the volume with the remote. Issue is volume has to be maxed out for average listening.
I have same issue with Samsung Q7F. The optical output via the one connect is very low. PCM output or Dolby. Smart TV or HDMI sources, it doesn’t matter.

Also, I cannot get the Sonos PLAYBAR to learn the IR signal from the remote for volume control.
I'm glad I found this thread...I thought I was going mad!!

Unfortunately, I don't own any SONOS products, but I have just recently purchased a new Samsung UE49MU7070 TV and Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar...and I have exactly the same problem as gregcole62.

I have determined that it's definitely something that the TV is doing that is causing the problem, and from reading other posts on the internet I think Samsung have a serious problem with the way it outputs audio from it's TV's.

My TV has an internal satellite decoder and I have my satellite dish connected directly to the TV, together with my terrestrial aerial. Using the soundbar to play the audio the volume is very low, I can have it set on the max (100) and it is still not very loud.

Playing Netfilx using the app on the TV also shows the low volume problem. But, I also have an X-Box one connected to the directly to the TV via HDMI (so the audio is being passed to the TV for output to the soundbar) and if I play Netflix on the X-Box, the maximum volume level is what it should be, but as soon as I flick back over to the TV Netflix app the volume is dramatically reduced it's definitely the TV that is doing something strange!!!

Would be interested to hear if others with a Samsung TV and another device that can play Netfilx can reproduce the same phenomenon.

I have tried connecting my soundbar via the HDMI (ARC) connector and using an optical connection, both produce the same result.

Another strange thing is that if I play Spotify using the app on the TV, to the soundbar, then the volume level is also correct, it only seems like when I'm playing something with a video source (satellite TV, Terrestrial TV, Netflix app on TV, YouTube on TV, etc.) that I get the low volume problem.

I have also noticed on my TV when increasing the volume, that from 0 -50 (half max volume) the volume increases normally as you would expect, but from 50 -100 (max volume) there is hardly any change in the volume level (unless I'm using Spotify or using the Netflix app on the X-Box). Even not using the soundbar and using the internal TV speakers you can see the same problem.

So I think I'm going to return the TV tonight and get a Sony KD-49XE9005 instead.
Hello all, I resolved my issue by unplugging everything involved with the system (all HDMI connections, OneConnect Fiber, Power, Optical Out, Network), and plugging it all back in (started with OneConnect items, then Power).

Boom, system works - sound issue fixed. Seems like the OneConnect Fiber connection is very sensitive and must be properly seated in order to function well. Samsung will have to take a look at this for future models.
Hi Dtag
I wondered did you resolve this problem? The reason I ask is because I'm experiencing the exact same problem with the same set up? If so what did you do or did you change your TV as that is I what I'm thinking of doing. Thank you Tony