Samsung KS8000 and Playbar - Remote/Volume control doesnt work

  • 7 December 2016
  • 3 replies


New here, have done some searching and know this is a known issue. I was hoping someone had a workaround.

I just bought the 55 inch Samsung KS8000 TV and am having trouble getting Sonos Playbar to work with the "smart" remote that came with the TV. I've tried setting the Playbar up as a Bose/JCV device on the TV with no luck.

Does anyone have any information/advice as to how I can get this to work? I love the Playbar and the TV though would love them even more if they were connected :8

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3 replies

I have the 65KS8000 and this was actually a dealbreaker for me (I returned the 3.1 setup - Playbar + sub because of it). There are directions here that will allow you to set it up to work with external sources (bluray, cable box). However, I consistently ran into issues just trying to watch OTA television and shows/movies on my Plex app (no input). Also, whenever I swapped inputs, it ruined the configuration so it was a pain.
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I had issues with my playbar and my satellitebox. Those remotes didnt play at all, i ended upp getting a harmony ultimate one, fixen the issues. Didnt get any support from Sonos, dead quite.
I have the 49KS8000 and a PS4 Pro setup with the PLAYBAR and the Samsung remote does control the audio. The phone or table app is a much better volume controller by the way.