repeater use

My remote for My Lg tv no longer work ,and dont have the option of taking it off the wall and take into a shop. The remote doesnt work to control the tv on/off,input ect… so the ir on the tv seems fried …. my question is can i use a repeater that i can plug in the tv that will allow me to use the T.V remote . The remotes all work fine to cablebox but can turn on the t.v so its definatly the tv.s Ir…. any hlep would be much appreciated . 

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Sorry, what has this to do with Sonos?

no , lol just had a general question .. didnt know it had to be sonos related….. didnt read the fine print


A little odd that you posted in a Sonos forum rather than an LG/TV based forum.


Have you tried changing the TV remote batteries and checked they are seated correctly, just in case it isn’t a TV issue? Also have you tried powering everything off for a few minutes, or considered a factory reset of the TV, that’s if you have exhausted every other possibility, including perhaps speaking to the TV manufacturers support desk.