Ran trueplay after 14.18 disappointed!!

  • 9 November 2022
  • 4 replies

When the 14.18 update came along I loved the sound from my arc, sub gen 3 & 2 SLs After running trueplay it feels like I'm back to square one!! Its taken out any impact the sub had, vocals sounds terrible. Dialogue to low! Tried EQ settings, hate putting speech enhancement on as it makes vocals sound tinny! if you're happy with the sound don't run trueplay! Sick of this sonos setup being so inconsistent

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4 replies

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Hi @Gareth88 

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There are a few things that can affect the TruePlay tuning process, like background noise, phone cases, fluff in the microphone, or even just your grip sliding on the phone’s housing. If the sound is currently unsatisfactory to you. please try again.

I do agree though - if you are happy with the sound, don’t redo the TruePlay process!

Do try again? the struggle of trying to tune these speakers is real!! No one owns a IPhone in our house. The iPhone I used was as good as new. I don't know how the sub can go from being powerful to being restricted, to the point its almost non existent, it hardly makes a difference switching the sub on or off to the arc now.. its a joke how much money these speakers cost to how unsatisfactory the performance is. £700 on a sub that's sitting there doing nothing.. just letting some light echo booming noise out. Its not the positioning as before the trueplay the sub was powerful, impactful and much needed!! honestly I'm starting to hate this set up now. Absolute waste of money! 

Try the sub mini, i had both At the moment, sound quality wise i much prefere the sub mini, its far better integrate with the arc, better vocals fore sure. Gen 3 I had several times there is something wrong with it ti my ears, i dont know what, bit i found it always not stable sound quality. Gen 3 is better in one thing and that is it has more power with music But anything Else to my ears the sub mini crusches de gen 3 sound quality wise.

Think I'm just going to move away from sonos in the future and have a wired set up instead. I'll have more control and a much better sound system for my buck! tried to run trueplay again last night and its not made any difference!