Question about Playbar clearance/dispersion if placed in media cabinet

  • 28 December 2017
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I'm looking to purchase a new media cabinet for my TV and Playbar.

Ideally, the TV would sit on top of the cabinet and the Playbar would go on a shelf.

I'm interested in a BDI Corridor cabinet (, which claims to allow "full sound dispersion" and is frequently shown with a Playbar on the center shelf.

But I worry that there is insufficient clearance for the Playbar at the sides--Sonos recommends one foot on each side, but the center shelf of this cabinet is 38.1" wide and the Playbar is 35.43" wide. That allows more like 1 inch on each side.

Does anyone have a Playbar in a BDI Corridor cabinet? If so, how is the sound and particularly the sound dispersion?

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1 reply

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Hi, fam. Welcome to the community. I do not have experience with this in particular myself beyond the following: We often get installers asking if they can place the PLAYBAR in a recessed part of a wall. Quite often, this is without any major issues. Once you Trueplay the device as well, you would find that any impact of having it in your proposed configuration would likely be just fine. Hopefully someone else can provide some further insight.