Pulled the trigger on a play base and sub

  • 12 June 2017
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So I have decided to start on my second home theater system in the family room with Sonos. Anyone have experience with a play base sub combo with vaulted ceilings? How has it worked out for you and did truplay really help time the system right for your space?

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6 replies

I've got a vaulted ceiling in my living room, although I only have a Playbar with sub and surrounds. Yes, I'd recommend doing a Trueplay on your system, once you've got it set up. If will set your system to a pretty darn good baseline, and then if you feel the need, you can modify from that point. The nice thing is once you've set it up with Trueplay, you can toggle it on and off, so you can hear the difference it makes.
I swapped out my play bar and sub from the living room for the playbase and sub. I'm enjoying the lower profile look even though it is a wall hanging tv. Sound is impressive and I did go through truplay which made a big difference.
Very neat, using all the Sonos benefits of no clutter for HT. Where is the wire between the TV and the play base?
When we moved in I tapped two holes in the sheetrock. Grabbed two single din brackets to mount in the holes and fed all the wires to the tv inside the wall. I could feel a slight draft from the holes so I put expanding foam in them when I was done to save energy, so getting anything or our out of the holes now would be a slight problem.
Looks good. I am sure it must be yielding good sound quality for music play as well.
Only tested it one day but yeah the living room is open to other areas like the dining room and the sound fills the space nicely. I also like the fact that I can put a philips hue light on top of the play base and it doesn't rattle with the volume turned up.