Projector+Sonos Amp+ Sonos Beam

  • 21 December 2020
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Hi, all.

Now i have my Samsung TV connected with HDMI-ARC to Sonos Bean and the Symfonisk lamp of Ikea in the back. The sound its amazing.

But, now i want to set up a cinnema. I want my projector in the back. I also want to set Sonos Amp in the back, with to wired speakers and sub. All of then must be in the back.

Finally, i want Sonos Bean in the front. I know sonos Bean can send surround to my back speakers without wire. Can i send from sonos Amp to Sonos Bean without wire?

Do you know what i mean?

What could i do?























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2 replies

First, it’s Sonos Beam, not Bean.  And unfortunately, no, you can’t do a setup with the Amp connected to the projector/source and running the rear channels with the Beam playing front channels, not wired to the source.  Essentially, the front speakers must always be connected to the source.

Thanks Danny,

but it was what I feared. Ill set a HDMI.

Sorry for Bean/Beam, lol ;-)

Thanks you so much