Projector + Apple TV 4 + Paybar Wireless Setup need help

  • 28 August 2016
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I am trying to setup a wireless home theatre in the basement and need help. The plan is to hang a projector on the ceiling and project to the far wall across the room without pulling a long HDMI cable. I have an Epson Projector, an AppleTV 4, and am hoping to purchase a set of Sonos Paybar+Sub+Play:1 for the audio. This is my first home theatre setup. Any help is most appreciated.

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14 replies

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Your projector is going to be too far away to run toslink cable from projector to the Playbar in front.

What your going to want is an HDMI switch with toslink output at the front of your room near the playbar and all your sources up front then too. So appleTV would hook to HDMI switch. HDMI out from switch run up to your projector. toslink cable from switch to the playbar. Then subs and Play:1s all wireless.

example HDMI switch
Thank you Chris!! With your HDMI switch, I have the front end solved.
Anyway I can get away from running a long HDMI cable from the projector in the back of the room to the front? I have no way of hiding the cable on the ceiling.

One silly question. Does it make any difference (to me as a consumer and to Sonos as a company?) to purchase the Sonos speaker system from the company directly or from Amazon?
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There are wireless hdmi sender made by sever companies.
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example one - there are cheaper ones
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One silly question. Does it make any difference (to me as a consumer and to Sonos as a company?) to purchase the Sonos speaker system from the company directly or from Amazon?[/quote]

Price-wise, they should be the same. I would look at the return policy as well as the cost, if any, of returning the item. Sonos gives 45 days. I usually buy from Crutchfield, which has a 60 day return policy, but they charge $10 return postage.
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Doesn't make a differ nice as far as I know. Yea return policies be about only difference.
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I would assume Sonos makes more money with direct sales vs through retailer.
Looks like I have a project ready to go. Here's the recap.

Projector+HDMI transmitter ------>>>------ HDMI receiver plugs into an HDMI switch with toslink output, and then Paybar plugs into the switch. Once it's done, the rest of the Sonos will connect with the Playbar via it's own communication wordlessly.

The final question is the power outlet. On the back wall, the projector plugs into a power outlet. In the front, I think the switch and receiver both need power and I can hide them in a cabinet. But where do the Sonos speakers get their power from?
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All Sonos speakers require an outlet.
Interesting! I'm also looking into a similar set-up; PacU, was this set up successful? (Also, I was born and raised in Palo Alto! 🙂
TBR74, hi. Interesting you should say that. The project is in Palo Alto.

At any rate, I got busy and the project never took off. I'm looking into it now to get started. If you have great ideas to share, I'm all ears.

Sorry if that seemed random: the Palo Alto comment was made based on seeing if I could message you here directly (apparently I can't) and your profile mentioned your location as PA.

I've been doing some sleuthing and getting a bit mind-boggled with all of the different wired/wireless connections possible. Here is another path that I'm not totally comprehending at the moment, but hoping to get clarity from the original poster using the Aries HDMI transmitter mentioned above:

Apparently, this is not using Playbar but rather Sonos Connect linked to the projector's audio out (I'm unclear what format of output though), and connected to Play5 and Play1s.

From my understanding, it would be AppleTV (4th gen) and other HDMI devices hooked into an HDMI switch box such as the Kinivio. The Kinivio HDMI output connected to the Aries HDMI transmitter. The Aries receiver connected to the projector via short HDMI cable. And the Sonos Connect (somehow) linked to the projector's audio out; the Sonos Connect then linked to Play5 or Play1s and subwoofer.

These last links in the chain beginning with the Connect are a bit mysterious to me at the moment. But this would preclude needing an HDMI cable to connect the HDMI switch box to the projector, as well as an audio (or other) cable to connect to a Sonos system.

I have not gotten so far as to try it. I'm curious about the reliability of the HDMI transmitter to sync sound to picture, as well as how the Connect plays into the chain mentioned in the link I included here. Alternatively, I'm curious about if Playbar could still be utilized given it's input sounds to be solely optical audio (I'm guessing, not in this configuration).

One other idea suggested to me would be to purchase an HDMI/Optical Audio splitter. This could be fed from an HDMI switchbox whose inputs could be AppleTV etc. The HDMI/Optical splitter would then lead to an HDMI input for the projector for video, while the Optical out would run to the Playbar. Of course, this would reintroduce more cables unless the wireless HDMI transmitter (e.g. Aries brand) were also used to transmit video from the HDMI/Optical splitter by connecting the (Aries) receiver to the projector for video. This would leave the Optical Audio to be run by cable from the splitter to the Playbar.

Would love to know if anyone has had success with any of the above; I've asked the Amazon commentor linked above to detail a bit more and will monitor any further feedback s/he may give.
Looks like the Connect would be fed by RCA input from the projector. The Connect would then feed Playbar by Optical Audio out cable. Alternatively (or additionally) Connect could be wirelessly linked to Sonos Play speakers it seems. This begins to necessitate a few more cables though: RCA cables from projector to Connect, Optical out from Connect and in to Playbar (or stream to Play speakers), plus power cord to Connect.
Also, a recent update to flesh all of this out even more per the Amazon commentator:

Hope this helps, plus I'm also all ears if you have other paths sussed out!