Problem with eARC and cable box

  • 23 December 2022
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I have a new Samsung QN75Q80B TV and a Sonos Arc sound bar. The sound bar is connected via eARC. In order to get the Sonos sound bar to play, it must be the only HDMI port in use at the time the TV is turned on. I can then connect my Spectrum cable box to any of the remaining HDMI ports and Sonos will remain as my sound output. All is well with TV and/or cable functionality.  However, if I turn off the TV and later turn back on with everything connected, I will not be able to select Sonos as my sound output, it keeps reverting back to TV speakers and will not allow me to select Sonos.  This situation will remain constant until I disconnect the Spectrum cable box HDMI cable and re-initialize the Sonos as the selected sound output. The Sonos sound bar begins emitting sound as norm.  Then, I can reconnect the Spectrum cable box HDMI and everything is back to norm.  I shouldn't have to be disconnecting and reconnecting the Spectrum HDMI cable each time I turn off/turn on the TV. 


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4 replies

Try either turning off CEC on the Spectrum cable TV Box - but if that option isn’t available, you could perhaps consider adding a CEC-Less adapter to its TV connection instead. See link:


I am unable to control the CEC on the Spectrum Cable Box, so I’ve ordered the Lindy HDMI Adapter.  We’ll see how that works.  Funny though that techs at both Samsung and Sonos have never mentioned this phenomenon as a possibility.  Like I said previously, if the Sonos Sound bar is connected prior to the Spectrum Cable Box, no problem, and ever after the Spectrum Cable Box is connected, all works fine.  However, if I turn off the TV and at a later point, turn it on, my settings will not allow me to select Sonos as my sound output, rather continuously revert back to TV speakers.  I’ll let you know if this the solution.  Thank-you very much for the suggestion.


I tried the remedy suggested by Ken_Griffith and ordered from Amazon -  and it solved the CEC conflict between my cable box and my Samsung TV.  I have spent countless hours on the telephone with Samsung and Sonos Customer Support and they weren’t anywhere near close to solving the problem.  The CEC-less HDMI Adapter did the trick.  Though I firmly believe the problem sits somewhere between Samsung and Sonos, there has to be a setting somewhere in the hardware/software that resolves this problem without the necessity of going to a third party off-market adapter.    

Try either turning off CEC on the Spectrum cable TV Box - but if that option isn’t available, you could perhaps consider adding a CEC-Less adapter to its TV connection instead. See link:

I recently purchased the Sonos Arc system and connected to my Samsung 65” TV,  (HDMI 3).  The Apple TV hooked up well (HDMI 1)...but the Cable box DVR (Samsung HDMI 2), would present video...but ZERO sound through my Sonos.  I would have to go back in to the TV settings and change to TV speakers.  Obviously not the reason I bought the system in the first place.

I spent countless hours trying to figure it out.  Spoke with technical support with Samsung remotely, then Sonos and finally my Cable company.  NOTHING!   Figured it might be the Samsung I decided to switch TVs.  I went out and ordered a 77” LG.  While waiting for it to be delivered...I read the reply and suggestion to the original author by Ken Griffiths.  I ordered that Lindy HDMI adapter from Amazon with next day delivery. 

Adapter gets here on a Friday...and TV was to be delivered on Monday.  I didnt even try the adapter on the Samsung TV.  I left it there because I thought the LG would work seamlessly.  Monday comes...I unbox the TV...get it wired up...and no sound from Sonos while using cable box through HDMI 2.  ARRGGHH!!

I sit there...irritated...called LG and they remotely manipulate the settings from the Philippines.  Finally..she admits...she doesn’t know why it won't work.  45 minutes of diagnosing..and NOTHING!

I walk to the kitchen...pick up the adapter...let out a big SIGH….walk back to TV.  Put it on the TV’s HDMI 2 input...then installed the cable from the cable box into the female input of the adapter….and guess what?  

Thank you Ken for the advice.  You would think Sonos would send out emails to all it’s techs to let them know about this device.  Long post...but that’s how I roll!