Problem: Playbar Frozen with no sound

  • 9 January 2017
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Not sure if anyone had this problem before. I did a search and didn't find anything similar.

My Playbar connect to my TV using optical cable. It also connects to my router that thus goes to the Internet. Was working fine for last 2 years. Suddenly a few days ago, it stop making sound. A few observations. the side light is white. The network ports lights are also solid (instead of the usual flashing seen on PCs)

I powered it down by unplugging it. And then powering back on. White light solid on the side. No sound. Network port's lights also solid. Can't connect to the Playbar by the app. (all internet is working fine)

Tried power down. Then holding the mute button while puting power on for factory reset. Held for a minute. No luck. Solid white light, no sound, network ports in solid light..

I tried another factory reset method by power down. Then power on holding the mute button AND the "volume up" button to try another factory reset. Again No luck. Solid white light, no sound, network port is solid light,

Thinking maybe something's fried inside??? Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer by Stuart_W 9 January 2017, 09:33

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6 replies

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I would suggest you give support a call.
I have this exact same situation with my playbar, it just happened today. Every single symptom you mentioned. Not sure what to do. I have an email into support for it.
Me too 😞 same stuff
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Me too....
I’d recommend that Stuart_W’s post above is your best option.
Can you tell me what happened eventually please.