Prism Q65 QE Pro with Playbar

  • 23 July 2022
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Hi All, 


Just bought a Prism Q65 QE Pro TV, the TV comes with the Bluetooth remote control and had connect the TV and playbar via Optical cable.  However, Im not able to control the Volume from TV remote control.  Appreciate if anyone can help to advice the correct way to setup the TV with Playbar. 


Thank you !



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1 reply

Darren, there is one main you need to overcome, but you should be able to. 

The PLAYBAR can’t read a Bluetooth signal, it requires an IR signal, or the controller across the internet. So in the manual for your TV, there should be instructions on how to switch that remote from Bluetooth to IR, since other devices connected to your TV, such as Blu-ray players, would require the same.

The reason most devices will work with Bluetooth is that they use the HDMI CEC connection, which Carrie’s the commands in both directions. However, the optical connection works only one way, so the commands received by your TV from the remote can’t be sent back to the Sonos. This is why you must have an IR remote.

Check that manual, there should be an explanation there.