Possible Solution to Sonos Arc/Home Theater System showing Solid Green Mute Status when TV Shut Off

  • 21 July 2022
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I have an Arc/ 2 One speakers/Subwoofer system with Apple 4K TV streaming device; Sony A8H TV. The Apple TV is connected via the Sony’s E-arc port. I’m having an issue where the Apple TV sometimes doesn’t turn on the Sonos system along with the TV on startup, and an issue where the Sonos system goes into solid green status light mute mode after the Apple TV tries to shut down the TV/Sonos system. (Others in this community have posted about this problem in the past.)

I went into the Sonos app on my phone and under System>TV SetUp toggled off Use IR. I think was was happening was the Apple TV was trying to turn the Sonos system off and on while the Apple TV remote was sending duplicate/conflicting or lagging IR signals to the Arc. Hopefully, with the Sonos IR recognition shut off, the Sonos system will receive instruction only from the Apple TV itself, and resolve my issue.

I’ll keep everyone posted. 

2 replies

You do not need to have the Apple TV connected to the Sony TV’s HDMI-eARC port (enhanced audio return channel) - why would you want to return the playing audio to the Apple TV? 

You are best to connect the Apple TV to a straightforward HDMI port instead and put your Sonos Arc connected to the TV’s eARC port… as that port will need to return the audio to the Arc.

See if that fixes your issue. 

Aswell as enabling Bravia (CEC) support on the TV, I have a note on my iPad here that mentions the following is required with some Sony TV’s…

Turning on IP Simple Control
Open Settings
Go to Network and Internet
Go to Home network
Go to IP control
Go to Simple IP control
Toggle On 


So you may want to perhaps see if that needs to be enabled for your model of Sony TV too.


My apologies for an error in my original post. My Apple TV streaming device is connected to a regular HDMI port on my Sony TV. The Sonos Arc is connected to the HDMI e-ARC port. 

As to the rest of your post, thank you for the input. I have wi-fi turned off on my Sony TV. I will follow up on your suggestions. 

Thanks again