Please help me control a sonos playbase, connect it to wifi

  • 23 November 2022
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Inherited a Sonos Playbase, but i don't know how to set it up. Any help is welcome. I do have it working with a Sony TV, but cant seem to get it connected to the wifi. i do have the ability to plug it into ethernet.


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8 replies

I don’t know your relationship with the original owner, but the best practice is to Factory Reset a used SONOS unit before adding it to your system. Otherwise, there can be some conflicts with music service registrations and the music library setup.

At this point wiring PLAYBASE to the network, at least temporarily, will allow you to enter the correct WiFi credentials.

It was my father’s. He has passed away. I just am not familiar with the system. I will look into that process. Thank you for your input. I did’t realize how complicated they are.

They really aren’t. Once you factory reset , and set it up as your own, you likely will find it incredibly intuitive and easy to use. 

Your dad likely had music services registered, favorites, and other customizations that no longer apply for you. Factory reset clears all of this. Otherwise, you’d need to poke around and figure this out.

After the Factory Reset, treat the unit as a brand new, out of the box unit.

It is working fine with the TV universal remote, the primary purpose it had before i received it, but I don’t know if the factory reset worked, or what the problem is. Even when it was plugged into the ethernet it was not detectible. So either I did not propperly reset it or it has other issues. 


No, the unit is not Factory Reset. If you Factory Reset now, you’ll need to go through the full setup procedure. I recommend that you wait until you can work with SONOS support. At least for the present you can play TV.

Thankfully, I have been able to factory reset. It was key that I find the model number and then I had more accurate instructions for resetting. They were tucked in at the back by the cord inputs. Thanks to everyone who contributed here. I am now enjoying Chistmas music on the sonos playbase.


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Thankfully, I have been able to factory reset. I am now enjoying Chistmas music on the sonos playbase.


I don’t know if we can help you with that problem: Christmas music in November! 

Glad you got it sorted.