Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

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A hifi homecinema soundbar without dts support seems not up to date for me. Are there any plans to add dts support?

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I don't think these additions are now likely, perhaps until a second version of the Playbar in the future. That said, it is interesting to see the Sonos forum now include a post from Sonos which contains a list of TVs that pass-through 5.1 via optical, as well as a number of other workarounds for the Playbar's compatibility issues. There is also an express acceptance that the setup sounds best (in reality, far, far, better) when fed a proper 5.1 signal. To me, this at least shows that Sonos might privately consider its original decision on set-up to have been a mistake - I suspect they simply did not appreciate that so many of the Playbar's customers would be interested in the full 5.1 setup (with a proper 5.1 signal) and thought that vast majority of its customers would simply plug the Playbar into the TV and enjoy the vast improvement over the TVs own speakers.

In any case, it will be very interesting to see what a future Playbar might look like. The Bowers & Wilkins Panorama soundbar, which lacked HDMI, was replaced after around four years with the current HDMI-toting Panorama 2. The Playbar is almost three years old... That said, my understanding is that it is still selling by the lorry-load, so not much incentive for Sonos to release another version at present. I for one am currently considering replacing the Playbar etc with a 'proper' 5.1 system, which I might regret if a DTS-compatible, HDMI-toting Playbar is released in the next year or two.
Without DTS support i will be sticking with my $200 soundbar.
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+1 from me - please add DTS
Sonos users since more than 10 year & just got a playbar. I have do say I'm really disappointed that there is no DTS support, bummer! I'm left with mediocre sound for most of the media I'm watching. (My TV does have audio pass trough and it seems that newer TVs offer that, but the TV does not transcode...) Can't believe that there is not DTS - it's a widely used format and for the sonos price tags and plug and play approach, it just has to be there.
Please add DTS support!
The argument that TV's do not pass through DTS is no longer relevant:
It is unfortunate that the SONOS playbar does not support DTS. I have SONOS speakers all around my home (5 x Play 1 and 2 x Play 5 2gen) and really wanted to get a playbar and a sub for a 5.1 system. However, it made no sense to me to try to find a workaround on a $1,750 + taxes playbar+sub+2xPlay 1s brand new system. It meant I also had to invest on a new Blu Ray player able to transcode DTS to DD 5.1, an HDMI switch, an IR remote able to control the HDMI switch, a pair of stands, and this still did not guarantee that I would not encounter issues with my TV output. Probably an additional $400-$500. For a nice total of about $2,250 plus taxes.

So, instead of having to go through all that headache, I just went to the Bose Factory Store and bought a brand new Cinemate 130 for $950 and a Bluetooth adapter for $39. Total $990 plus taxes, with the ability to process both DTS and DD 5.1 and with a console with remote control that acts as a switch where I have connected my cable box, BluRay player, Apple TV 4th gen, and still have another HDMI slot available.

Granted, it is not a SONOS, it cannot expand to 5.1, but the sound is much better than I expected. So, I'm satisfied with the purchase. Having said that, if SONOS had provided me with the option to do what I just did with the Bose system, I would have not hesitated and would have bought the SONOS system. I really wanted to stay loyal to the SONOS brand, quality, and innovation, but there were too many hurdles to cross. I really considered going through the headaches, but truly I was not paying over $2,000 for a home theater system with patches.

Maybe in a few years as technology progresses and as other brands continue to improve on their wifi products, SONOS would be forced to improve to stay competitive. I guess we are not there yet. I am disappointed today, but hopeful that these issues will be resolved in the future specially on a top of the line system.
Bought 5.1 SONOS setup to give a try, along with Bose Soundtouch 130.
Was blown away with SONOS sound quality, then discovered there is no DTS support...
Very disappointing! Every basic receiver and surround system supports DTS nowdays and the high end system that costs you $2000+ doesn't, really?

I'm going to return it. 😞
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+1 for DTS
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Still disappointed about the lack of HDMI inputs and the lack of DTS decoding in my Playbar. Fiddling around with siwtches and audio extractors is a no-go for a modern 2k€ audio system-.

Actively looking for alternatives now, Bose is not looking too bad.
I'm in the same situation as most of you complaining for non-DTS support. My DVB-T network provides only DTS (and Stereo of cource). No true 5.1 with Sonos. However, I have noticed that Bose is coming in mid-October with the new SoundTouch 300. Much the same as Playbar: Options for wireless sub and rear speakers. Price is comparable. Support for DD and DTS. HDMI, optical, Bluetooth. Exactely what we have been waiting for from Sonos. Check it out here:

Sorry Sonos, I would very much like to buy your Playbar, but I'll go for Bose
Still No Progress on this Support??? 😞
Still No Progress on this Support??? :(They have just launched the Playbase with no DTS support. There is therefore not going to be DTS support for the foreseeable future, IMO. I am generally a huge Sonos fan but I have never got this one. But that is how it is.

And everyone is free to say 'I want DTS so I'll buy something else'. There is no obligation on Sonos to put any feature on any of their products. The market can decide.
bumping this as I still cant believe that I need to switch to my tv speakers every time I have a DTS movie playing. a real disadvantage. please please please fix this
Yea, I've responded to you in the other two threads you posted in. I'm not going to triplicate my answer here again.
Thanks. Appreciate you taking the effort to answer. Yes I might have gone on a posting spree but once in a while this just bothers me so much. Yes I knew this when I bought them but that is no reason not to ask for improvements. Loads of oversight get corrected in products all the time. This was just a frustrated attempt at getting sonos attention.