Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

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A hifi homecinema soundbar without dts support seems not up to date for me. Are there any plans to add dts support?

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Still no DTS support for the playbar - very disappointing!  :-(
You call it "5.1 Home Theater true surround sound experience" - de facto it is a "bluff package"!
I will buy the playbar when it supports DTS decoding. Is this the problem?
Hey, thanks for posting that link. At least now I know what brand to look for once I find a buyer for all my non-DTS-enabled junk. I don't care for politics - with the prices Sonos charges, I'm sure they could afford the measly DTS-license if only they weren't greedy bastards trying to scam their customers. You are entitled to a different opinion, of course.
Correct me if I'm wrong but can't one just set the BluRay player to decode the DTS track and output PCM to the tv? Bingo, you'll get audio from BluRay to the Playbar. No, it won't be the bitstream DTS track which is preferable. But at least it's not silence. As to how well Sonos mimics surround sound from this stereo feed, it's a matter of personal taste. I find it adequate. YMMV.
I love the idea of buying a fancy multi-channel directional surround speaker (aka Playbar) for your home theater setup, and then suggest to downsample to stereo because the damn thing doesn't work otherwise. Buy a Ferrari, but be sure to have it speed limited to 50 km/h to ensure you never see it's full potential.
I'm no great shakes at the techy stuff but from what I can tell my Sony TV passes through Dolby Digital 5.1 to the Playbar when I am watching something from the Sky sat box that is in DD5.1. You can see in the 'About Sonos' section of the Sonos controller that the Playbar has recognised that it is receiving a DD5.1 signal. However I have read on other forums that the optical audio cable is physically incapable of carrying a DTS signal. So presumably the headache now for Sonos is that they omitted to include HDMI connections so it is not just a matter of upgrading the software. Seems v strange that they didn't include HDMI but did include 2 x Ethernet ports.
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@ Graham, yes, everything you say is right BUT some guys here use other devices like a BluRay player or an Apple TV with an optical switch, too, which works just fine. Of course you can use your TV as a hub but you'll hear nothing from most BluRays as most of them use DTS. You can follow the SONOS path and listen to PCM/stereo or you can use an optical switch.. That's the point, you buy a BlueRay and all you get is stereo. That's not appropiate for a premium product. This is soooo outdated to have just DD.
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@all, please post your thoughts on their Facebook and Twitter, too.
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Ques- is lack of DTS support related to absence of HDMI port in the playbar or is it a licensing issue between them (sonos) and DTS?
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I have contacted Sonos support again to ask how to escalate this issue further into the company. Again today I received the standard response that this is being looked at by product teams and management, but no decision has been made.
Below was my follow up message to Sonos support. Will this be result in any real answer to the issue ? I doubt it.

"Thank you for your standard response. The following reply is the one I would request is copied to your product development and management teams. Can you confirm that this will be done ?

I understand the process of product development as I have spent many years working within an international product development environment. There is always a balance between commercial return on investment, customer satisfaction and generating additional revenue (as well as the obvious technical challenges). 
It is understandable that the Play 1 will generate additional revenue and will attract new customers to the Sonos brand, who were unable to afford the product previously.
It is also clear that introducing a new finish to the sub (Matt Black) will please a number of customers without generating high technical issues.
These products are being targeted also as part of a Home Cinema Solution offering true full 5.1 surround sound from any source connected to your TV. By now a high number of customers have purchased this promise, only to realise that the promise does not live up to expectations.
Sonos are to be applauded for their approach in providing customers with a feedback forum to share ideas, and to implement these where possible. However when a real issue arises such as the Playbar and sound formats, there should be a real factual response and a sense or urgency applied by Sonos. Otherwise it seems that the highest priority request from customers seems to be the lowest priority from Sonos. 

All we get is the standard response, probably given to all Sonos support teams as a holding statement for customers, by the very department (marketing)who are busy attracting more future unhappy customers to the brand by creating false expectations"
Another +1 here.  I recently bought two Play:1's to go with the Playbar and Sub, only to run into the DTS issue.  I have discovered of my 15 Blu-rays, only 3 support DD, and 12 have DTS.  So, for the vast majority of my Blu-rays I cannot get 5.1.  This is hardly a 5.1 system!  My Play:1's are being returned.  They will probably be bought again in the future if DTS support is added.
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come on Sonos, last thing u want to do is remove the comments by your users
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Ques- is lack of DTS support related to absence of HDMI port in the playbar or is it a licensing issue between them (sonos) and DTS?
No, DTS can pass through optical. Without HDMI only formats like DD-HD and DTS-HD are impossible. The reason why DTS is still not supported is open for speculation. Possible reasons are:
- a hardware issue they stumbled upon when trying to implement the DTS or
- a licensing issue caused by a) Sonos calculations if its really beneficial for them or b) the DTS company not selling them the lisence because they wanna release some kind of wireless streaming devices themself

I dont know...
My PlayBar is now a $700 Fisher-Price toy. Seriously Sonos, get your shit together on this one. I can't watch a single BluRay with the're screwing your customers over here.
Yeh fix this man, sjeez.... I would rather buy something else now for 2k!
Sonos promotes its products in german TV including the Playbar. But who should buy the Playbar, which doesn´t support DTS 5.1? The most Blu Rays only have a DTS 5.1 Soundtrack. Whats the meaning to buy a Playbar for that Price, without a support oft the most used Soundtrack? Please release a Firmwareupdate to fix this essential fault.
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I'll add a Playbar tomorrow to my Sonos collection if Sonos confirm that DTS will be supported. Come on guy! Please make this happen, and take the market by storm!
Is this true about Blu Ray and Playbar? I was going to get a playbar, I wont if I can't watch my Blu rays
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Comments are stacking up. I'm still full of hope you are seriously working on this. Please let us know ASAP.
i am actually considering getting rid of my sonos system that i already have(been customer for years) in favor of the new bose soundtouch systems. bose is more well known and i am just burned out by issues i have had (65k track limit, no dts support for playbar) with sonos i am willing to take a chance on the new bose lineup.
DTS support is a must have. The Playbar ist worthless without this feature. I sold my Denon AVR and Sonos:Connect to buy the Playbar, Sub and two Play:1. The result is Stereo sound pumped up to Virtual Surround. I hope DTS will be supportet very soon...
No DTS no buy
No DTS is the only thing holding me back from buying a sonos system. Sonos should not ignore movie fanatics but rather consider them as potential costumers next to music lovers.
Wow! so glad I looked here first! Was going to buy one this weekend! looks like i'll be keeping my £600 and go for the Pure system instead.... Shame! I needed a new expensive hobby! 😞
Xbmc can resolve this for you, set the receiver options to say your receiver does not support DTS then it will play any DTS movie in DD5.1...the perfect workaround
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Right, the Playbar is that cheap that I'm gonna buy me an Xbox and place it next to my PS3 because SONOS can't do what every single other manufacturer of such devices can.
Even a crappy 100 USD playwhatever supports DTS.
Damn, it's almost like a car you can't drive on highways.

It may be a good workaround but isn't it a shame that we need to discuss such things in the first place?