Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

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A hifi homecinema soundbar without dts support seems not up to date for me. Are there any plans to add dts support?

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This... is mandatory. I cannot believe that a premium product like Sonos (and don't forget the premium pricing that comes with it) doesn't support a soundindustry standard. Heck, I bought Game of Thrones S1+2 this week and it doesn't even has Dolby! It's DTS-only. And while DTS-only should make me smile, it made me worried instead. Very woried
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With the launch of PLAY:1, two of my family members are looking to adopt SONOS for the first time. "Is the PLAY:1 any good?" "yes, it's great". "how about the PLAY:5?" "sounds pretty amazing, especially it paired" "I'm going to buy loads of this stuff, think I should get a PLAYBAR too?" "no, don't buy a PLAYBAR...I don't recommend those".
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If they solve this then Ill buy 2 x Play 1s in a flash and use my 2 x Play 3s elsewhere. Until then I just have to cross my fingers, but the silence/non-committal response is getting increasingly worrisome
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i cant agree more this a the biggest let down to the play bar
How can it take this long for a response. I so hope now the Play 1 is out the way the guys and gals at sonos can put some time into this for the playbar. Come on sonos, let this thing rock!
Dear Sonos Please provide DTS to the playbar. I have the 5.1 setup and love it. I won't return it. But DTS would make me realy happy.
Please add this function as it will turn the Playbar from a good to a great product. PLEASE UPGRADE SOON as not having the ability to play DTS is a major issue.
Another prospective buyer here likely to look elsewhere unless dts capability added, even though I'm already a sonos owner
Thank god I read this before buying -I was convinced about buying the playbar but will have to go in for some other sound bar. Can't have a home theatre that doesn't play DTS!! How're you guys managing to sell this product without fooling someone in to buying it....
Please sort this out Sonos. A surround-sound sound bar which doesn't support the only surround sound encoding on most blue-ray discs looks like embarrassing incompetence.
Hello, I have been following you guys ever since the debut of your first product. Fantastic technology!!! However, even though I went ahead and bought the Playbar knowing that it currently did not support DTS, I did so in faith that you would do the right thing and provide it in an upcoming update given that the original reason(s) to NOT support it are no longer relevant i.e. 1) New TV's as of this post (mine is the new 75" Samsung 7100) actually support DTS via the Optical Out in addition to Dolby and DTS Neo. 2) Almost everyone uses BlueRay 3) If it is in-fact a "bandwidth" performance issue then simply issue a disclaimer that "A wired ethernet network may be required" and be done with it. Continue to lead and under no circumstances do you ever provide a way in for your competition. Sincerely, A Happy but concerned Customer!
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I've just created an account to vent some air on the missing DTS support. I already have the Playbar and I really like it. I do have a couple of friends who asked me about the Playbar. I tend to say that is really great and well worth the money BUT there is this issue with DTS. Of course they've looked elsewhere. Would I buy it again? No, I don't think so. Why? Because I don't like a company telling me how to use a product. Yes, of course you can use your TV as a hub but, come on Sonos, many came to the idea to use a switch, e.g. for their Blue Ray Player, as most TVs don't support 5.1 pass through from HDMI to TOSLINK. So, there is a solution for hearing 5.1 sound regardless your "TV as a Hub" approach, though, you still need so much time to implement DTS! Is there a reason? Please be fair and tell us why?
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I don't get this. Buying something so expensive without basic dts feature is a waste of money
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if it's a hardware limitation, software limitation or licensing issue then build a product which can decode dts and sell it as a separate product.
There is clearly more to this than Sonos is willing to admit. The silence (when playing blue-rays) is deafening! If it can not be implemented they should swallow their pride and admit it. While at my local Best Buy Magnolia store,I fell for the sales reps claim about how Sonos would be adding dts support and took the plunge. After purchasing a sub, playbar, 3 play 3s and a bridge (approx $2500.00) and setting it up I couldn't have been more pleased. That is until I threw in a blue-ray and was reminded I would need to hone my lip reading skills in order to enjoy just about all of our blue-rays. I had to ask myself if it was worth it and came to the conclusion that it wasn't.Following these threads and reading the smoke and mirrors responses from Sonos also helped tip the scales. So back into the boxes everything went and off to Best Buy I rode. Granted I knew about the lack of dts when I purchased the system however the rep had me convinced it would be addressed. Once there I explained my reason for the return and to my surprise the sales manager was dumbfounded regarding the dts issue. He called up the Sonos rep,who handles that store,and learned the brutal truth. At the end of the day I ended up keeping the system (they made me an offer I couldn't refuse) but I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth about how forthcoming Sonos is when it comes to this problem. If I were a betting man,Sonos supporting dts (with its current hardware) is one bet I wouldn't take. jmho
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John M, is there any news or update you can share? It's been a month since the last post which didn't really tell us anything. Perhaps some questions will help; (1) How often do you review the under consideration issues? (2) Is this just a licensing issue? (3) When can we expect some change of status?
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I agree, the silence is as deafening as a DTS movie through a Playbar
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So,so,so annoying. I love this Sonos system but they must know if it is possible by now to implement DTS AND Dolby digital plus( let's not forget there is a problem with this also) I fear that the length of silence means there is a problem and they do not know how to inform all the playbar owners like me who check this forum almost every day hoping for some good news. Instead of developing yet more products as suitable for surround use(play 1) there should have been more effort in resolving a fundamental problem like this.
It's a shame DTS is not supported. The sonos solution is really great, but the lack of DTS support actually makes me consider other solutions right now...
Another one here waiting for dts and possibly another connection before committing to the playbar and sub, love my sonos and planned to change my 6.1 kef set up to Sonos to keep the wife happy. No dts, no playbar.
Dear Sonos, just tell me you have DTS planned and I will Order tommorrow a playbar and a Sub. I can wait a couple weeks for this feature but I have to be sure its coming. Thanks in advance.
I agree, the silence is as deafening as a DTS movie through a Playbar
I was about to purchase a sound bar. However, I hadn't realised that Sonos don't support DTS. Staggering omission and for this reason I will not be making a purchase till the format is supported.
Put simply a £600 sound bar without DTS is out of date. A firmware update would put this right. A hardware update leaving thousands of customers in the dark is very, very wrong. Please help us Sonos. Sincerely Every single Playbar owner around the World.
Here is my vote for DTS support.  However, I suspect that there must be a technical reason why this cannot be updated via firmware.  Even the most basic online research regarding the Playbar, reveals that both promoters and detractors alike see this as a huge limitation and are very disappointed.  The demand for DTS support is so overwhelming that cost cannot be the issue.  Otherwise, you would have thrown money at this problem and silenced the terrible press on this issue.  The only other thing that makes any sense to me would be some inconsistency between the current (yet widely ignored) company suggestion for sourcing the audio directly from the TV which is often abandoned when people find out that their TV does not pass through 5.1 DD from external HDMI sources via optical and the fact that even fewer TV's (if any) pass DTS via optical.