Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

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Wow - been wrestling with getting blu-ray audio working properly - couldn't understand why only some audio tracks were supported - as many of my Blu-ray discs are DTS only. It didn't cross my mind that the Sonos itself wouldn't support something as basic as DTS - am regretting having shelled out £600 now - and certainly won't be getting the sub and additional play 3s until it does. it would be great if this could be sorted. Otherwise it's a sensational piece of kit.
im currently deliberating on buying a playbar in the first step to building a surround system - im stuck between the playbar and a yamaha ysp-2200 the only thing that is putting me off the playbar is this dts issue. I want the musical performance aspect of the playbar but I can't justify the expense without dts. I'm also worried that if I buy the playbar that sonos will then bring out a playbar 2 rendering my purchase obsolete. Need clarification on this before I can purchase
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im currently deliberating on buying a playbar in the first step to building a surround system - im stuck between the playbar and a yamaha ysp-2200 the only thing that is putting me off the playbar is this dts issue. I want the musical performance aspect of the playbar but I can't justify the expense without dts. I'm also worried that if I buy the playbar that sonos will then bring out a playbar 2 rendering my purchase obsolete. Need clarification on this before I can purchase
I'm with you on this one, Chris. Well, actually, I will justify the price to She Who Must Be Obeyed even without DTS. But the last thing I want to do is to have to come crawling back in a few months time and say "Honey, you remember that £600 thingy? We need a new one now...."
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Sonos, While you are still considering this issue within your corporation, here are some inspiring words that may help with the decision making process. "I don't care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do" Gene Kranz - Apollo 13 flight director 1970
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Just started to look into the Playbar having being an avid Sonos advocate for years. I already have a full AV Amp and speakers/sub setup, but the simplicity and wireless setup (ignoring power) really appeals. However I obviously like home cinema, and therefore will obviously be watching Blu Rays that have DTS, and obviously don't want to be listening to this in some pseudo surround mode. I find it staggering that there doesn't seem to have been any form of update from Sonos for months? Surely this is either being worked on or it isn't, at least we could be told that!
It's been in consideration for five months now, HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO WAIT?? I truely love the sound bar but it is pointless without DTS support!
Please add my vote for DTS to be added to Playbar - a superb piece of equipment but underperforms because it cannot play Blu-Rays the way they were meant to be heard - Sonos, please act quickly on this
Wow, almost just bought a couple Play 3's to add on to my home theater setup. Thanks but no thanks, I was surprised at how simplistic the Sonos surround setup was but no DTS = too good to be true. Sonos, you've already lost my business but for future customers I would advise you to add a standard feature for home entertainment for such a bold asking price.
Yesterday I was only one click away from buying the playbar (for 620,-€), but did not finish... I´m really not sure with buying a (part of a) cinema system which is not able to play DTS files. Although I would buy it without the 2 Play3s, I want to be able to upgrade to a 5.0/5.1 system later on! So please, let us know what your plans are. one of the crowd
+1 on the DTS. I just get silence for about 50% of my blur-ray disks.
Don't let us down, please !
Seems like there would be commercial reasons to include DTS (additonal Play 3 sales). Worst case, an additonal optional small fee for those whom want DTS to cover license fees? Mind you the RRP in Australia is over $1000 so puts it up there compared to other soundbars.
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Would appreciate an official update on the DTS issue. If license costs are the reason for not having it implemented yet, I also second the idea of an (not sooo costly) in-app purchase for the DTS support.
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everyone is talking about licence costs but how much are we really talking about here ? if sony can knock this out for £268 for a blue ray / amp / 5.1 speaker system then a DTS licence cant cost much surely ? Ive invested in soundbar and 2 play 3's for the rears. I have the money waiting for the sub but holding off until this is sorted. If they decide it will only be available in 'Playbar 2' then Ill be voting with my feet.
I was seriously considering purchasing the complete system (playbar/play:3's/sub) until I dug a little deeper regarding sound formats supported. What I have found is not very encouraging news for DTS playback and a soon to be released update for stereo playback of music. These are things that should be expected out of the box at this price point. I think my money will be better spent on this Yamaha system I plan on waiting a bit longer before making a purchase but more than likely Sonos will not be getting a dime from me unless they address these flaws.
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Hi, I have today just purchased a Soundbar to improve the sound of my Sony TV fed from a Mac Mini. I'm a newcomer to SONOS. Please add DTS decoding feature to the Playbar via a firmware update. Surely this is a relatively easy fix? Once this is done I will purchase a couple of Play 3's and the sub for the living room; also probably a couple more Play 5's for around the house. Otherwise I'm afraid it's going back and I'm getting BOSE with sound docks for each room! After finding out about lack of DTS AFTER purchasing, a bit of shine has been taken off an otherwise happy day! Love the SONOS concept. Please listen to all of your customers many of whom probably haven't bothered to find your forum and comment but are never the less wanting the feature added. You could probably multiply the number of requests to add DTS to the Playbar many times over because most people read the comments here but can't be bothered to sign up to the forum and comment themselves. Thanks for listening. A reply from SONOS is long overdue...... Many customers are awaiting your response. Even if it's a "we are working on it, hope to get it sorted by the end of the year or no we're not adding it" would help! Thanks.
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This is a MASSIVE oversight from Sonos. As great as the Playbar is and as much as i love it when it pumps out true DD5.1, it sorely lacks when DTS playback is needed in 90% of my blu ray collection. As many have said before me, we have dropped thousands of pounds/dollars/euros etc on a prime bit of kit only to be kept in the dark regarding a firmware update. If it is possible, charge me for it. I don't care now. I've spent my hard earned. I just want it to do what it should be capable of. Either way Sonos, its about time you let us know. rant over....
Agree with many comments above. It would be great to receive some further comment / update from Sonos as this is a major issue.
... i ask myself how much money Sonos already lost due to the lack of DTS-support .... Is it already 1 Million £ / $ / € / SFr ....
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Six months ago: I bought a Playbar and posted to this forum asking for DTS support to be added. Six months later: nothing from Sonos other than marking this topic "Under Consideration". Really, Sonos? Is that how you treat your customers? Should I sell my Playbar, two Sonos 3s, two Connects and a Bridge? Should I get my friends who own Sonos equipment to consider other options? Should I go to other websites (Amazon, CNet, ...) and post my negative opinion of the Playbar re: the lack of DTS when I try and watch many of my blu-ray movies without sound? After six months, I feel that at a MINIMUM, I deserve a "yes" or "no" answer as to whether DTS support will be added. If "yes", when? If "no", fine, at least I can move on, sell my Sonos equipment (which I otherwise enjoy and use often) and look for other solutions.
I would appreciate to have DTS too. Most of my actual BluRays don't bring out any sound on the play bar! Thats not acceptable!
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I would suggest everyone posts complaints on the Sonos Facebook page & Twitter feed about this issue. Nobody seems to care in here. Sonos really do project a different service level than they actually deliver. The silence is ironic.
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Come on Sonos. Do something about this! DTS is a must for a EUR 2,000 home cinema audio system! Unbelievable that we even have to discuss this...
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You guys had better make up your mind quick on adding DTS to the PLAYBAR, your competitors are catching up. Harman Kardon just announced a new set of soundbars that support DTS. Harman Kardon outs pair of sleek soundbars with prices starting at $599 "Harman Kardon has chosen IFA 2013 as the platform to unveil a couple of new, audiophile-grade soundbars, the Sabre SB 35 and SB 26. For starters, the top-of-the-line SB 35 model carries a cool $999 price tag, bringing with it qualities such as 1.75-inch drivers and 1-inch tweeters, Dolby Digital TrueHD / DTS HD Decoding, plus Bluetooth connectivity and access to three HDMI ports -- Harman says that given its mere 1.25-inch in depth, it's the slimmest multi-channel 8.1 bar on the market" If the SB-35 is well reviewed, I may sell my Sonos PLAYBARs and get it.
There are dozens of soundbars that support DTS, that is nothing new. However, none of them are specifically made to work within the Sonos system, which is why people are clamoring for DTS on the Sonos Playbar.