Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar.

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Can we just have an answer if you did want to add it to existing playbar, would it be possible???
This is a really important issue, that many people want implemented as soon as possible. I'm sure that it will be resolved, rather than just ignored. There is no debate here, DTS needs to work with your system. It really is a no brainer. Any update would be greatly received.
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I'll add my request as well ... A play bar and sub for my den is a no-brainer upgrade to my Sonos setup ... But not without DTS!
I was about to go all in on (2) Play:5, (5) Play:3, Bridge and a Playbar. I actually still have it in my Amazon cart. Then I stumbled upon a few reviews that noted the lack of DTS support. I wanted a full system that integrated with my TV/PS3/Xbox. I find it hard to believe that Sonos has chosen not to include DTS. If I knew that it was going to be added, that would ease my mind and I would still go through with the buy. Until then, I will unfortunately need to hold off. Is there an update from the company on this issue?
Just bought the Playbar and hooked it up to a Samsung TV with the Plex app. The Samsung has DTS pass-through, which made almost all my movies silent 😞 Luckily I found a thread on the Plex forum explaining how it is possible to change the output to 2 channel PCM in the TV menu. But one have to do this every time, and sound quality is reduced of course. I guess it´s the same with my DTS DVDs and BluRays too. Please add DTS support, Sonos. This shouldn't be an issue in 2013. And when you do, a sub and a couple of play 3 speakers probably will find their way to my living-room too..
I am expecting an answer, or atleast a response from Sonos regarding this within a very short period of time - as in within few days. Otherwise my money goes to Bose instead
Looks like Playbar owners need not apply to the future: Paramount chooses DTS audio for download once, watch anywhere UltraViolet files
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I am too holding off buying the sub and 2 x play 3 to my playbar until the DTS issue is solved otherwise its going on a well known auction site and Ill find a DTS alternative to all of it. come on Sonos - whats the hold up ?
Has there been any further advance in getting DTS support via firmware update for the 5.1 setup?
Setting up a new home theatre. Sold on the playbar (have lots of other sonos gear inc sub). All awesome. Point is my home theatre guy has just spent an hour talking me out of Sonos because of this issue. Not sure how long I can hold off.
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I am too holding off buying the sub and 2 x play 3 to my playbar until the DTS issue is solved otherwise its going on a well known auction site and Ill find a DTS alternative to all of it. come on Sonos - whats the hold up ?
come on SONOS. give us some hope that those of us investing in your products won't be restricted to only a portion of available media ! let us know what is going on
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I understand what you're saying, but for me it's even more alarming than that - without DTS capability, straight forward bluray playback is heavily compromised.
Playbar needs to support DTS!!
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I was going to purchase a playbar this month to add to my sonos set up, after reading this topic I will defer that purchase until DTS is supported, If its not a quick fix then ill be looking to Yamaha.
With Blurays being a large part of my video library unfortunately doesn't make any sense for me to buy the Playbar and all associated Sonos components.
Please add DTS support or I'll sell all my SONOS products!!!
Just stopped my Playbar order when this issue came clear to me. Will buy as soon as DTS is supported. Love your products!
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I agree with Daniel, who wrote 2 weeks ago: "When bandwith really is the problem, I wonder if it is possible to downgrade the incoming dts signal to a lesser dd 5.1 signal by the playbar itself? An actual statement of Sonos would be great!" This may not be perfect, but would be absolutely enough for me. But there must be a way soon to get any 5.1 surround sound only with Sonos Playbar and speakers when playing a Blu-ray only with DTS which are half of my collection.
A DTS support for the playbar is indeed at least what is needed to have a full movie experience for SONOS. Silent-movies are from the past!!! Because on most (read: all) blu-ray discs is DTS-HD and or DD-HD as a standard for sound quality and the combination of a optical connection to the playbar, we never are able to have a DTS HD compatibily with the playbar. Therefor SONOS need an extra hardware to support the latest sound formats. Because I am also a fanatic movie watcher, I also submitted an idea: Connect: Movie With this idea a lot of other ideas can be implanted Nevertheless: DTS is a real missing on the Playbar!!!
I just got the Playbar for my anniversary. I already have the house full of sonos products, so I was really excited to get the missing link. Two days later, I'm searching all over the internet and find that my playbar doesn't play 90% of my library because of DTS. Can't tell you how frustrating this is. I'm a big sonos evangelist, I have influenced over 50 friends to get it and so they have influenced a lot more. For the first time, I will not recommend this product to anyone until it is up to date with market standards.
@Sonos habt ihr etwas geplant wegen der DTS Unterstützung? Ich will ich nicht davor kaufen!
@ Sonos you have something planned for the DTS support? I I do not want to buy from it!
You guys are missing the point. Each Playbar has a bonus 'Silent Movie' support function. Any progress on DTS ???
Ok it's an evidence, Sonos is done to play music, but since you create a Playbar to be connected to a TV set, the base is to be open to the largest sound formats available on the market, Dolby Digital is one one them, the PCM is another, the DTS truely IS! DTS can be converted in PCM in most of the bluray players, PC's...But played in stéréo? (or simili surround) Really?... Please open your mind on this, and i'll open my bank account to buy 2 more PLAY:3 in surround 😉 PS : I'm a Sonos reseller here in France, and i'm listening my customers...I'm not only talking for me but for us!
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Blu-ray mainly uses DTS, Netflix uses DD+, UltraViolet will use DTS. Sonos promote a surround system with play 3 speakers added. It uses only one optical connection and does not officially support optical switchers. It's suggested by Sonos that only direct TV connection is recommended but most TV's do not pass through DD (or DTS). How can this seriously be promoted as a high quality surround system. Tell me how to easily connect up my system (latest Samsung 2013 TV with Netflix app), Sony BluRay and Sky HD box to get the best surround experience. I have spent additional cash now on external switch boxes, and additional optical cables to try and achieve a result. This is hardly a simple connection solution that Sonos promote. If DTS is added as a firmware update, at least this goes some way to resolve the issue. (we will still need an external switch box though, that is not supported by Sonos). If as I expect Sonos release a Playbar 2 with HDMI and DTS, will all the initial purchasers like myself who invested in Sonos products as Early Adopters during the first couple of months, and are upset and saddened by this issue after spending up to £1700, get an upgrade ? It cannot be that difficult for SONOS to give an update on this situation. Is any one from SONOS bothering to read these comments ? If they are, please, please give some sort of response.
I really had no idea it didn't support dts. Luckily i stumbled on this post Sorry Sonos, not DTS no Sonos playbar purchase