PlayStation 3 audio and video settings

  • 22 March 2017
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I would like to know if there's a cure for this problem. On a recently purchased blu Ray disc (Bridge of Spies) the audio is encoded DTS-hd master audio 7.1. My system consist of a playbar, sub, and play 3's as rear speakers. I've tried for hours changing a/v settings in PS3 console to get 5.1 surround to play. My playbar settings either says silence or stereo. Older dvd's encoded DD 5.1 play in 5.1. Netflix movies in 5.1 also play as 5.1. My PS3 system is connected via hdmi to a Visio tv E550i-b2. That same blu ray disc will play in French and Spanish 5.1 and my other option is English 7.1. Bridge of Spies also came with a DVD encoded DD 5.1 and plays as such. Technology gets better everyday and with DTS- HD master audio I'm hoping somebody in the SONOS community can help me.

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1 reply

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Sonos have stated they only see the future in streaming services, and no-one streams DTS(convenient for their argument) , so they don't care about customers like you (and could be me) with blu-rays that have DTS.
Sonos do not support DTS.
Nearly every other soundbar manufacturer does, so figure?
Your only option is to force PS3 into outputting stereo pcm on discs that have DTS and not DD5.1, or buy a Blu-ray player that decodes DTS to DD5.1