PLAYBASE sync issue.

  • 11 April 2017
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I've recently purchased a PLAYBASE and I have a lip sync issue on most TV channels. I am using the optical cable. Has anyone else had an issue with this and is It possible to correct the issue?

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5 replies

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There is an option under the Room Settings and advanced settings (I think) for adding audio delay. You may also find the audio source has sync options as well
The OP probably wants to add negative delay. Sonos can't do this (no flux capacitor), but some TVs are able to bring the digital output forward slightly with respect to the picture.

If the content source is an external box (cable, etc) then taking an audio feed from there -- bypassing the TV -- will generally bring it forward.
Where can we request that Sonos starts working on the Flux Capacitor?

Where can we request that Sonos starts working on the Flux Capacitor? :)
It's been a longstanding request, even since PLAYBAR debuted in fact. As we all know, though, they don't discuss future product plans. 🆒
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Yes, I am getting issues too. It's fine when playing any content from my TV, but when I play anything from the BT TV Box, the sync issues between the video and sound renders it unwatchable. I have changed the sync settings in both the BT set top box and in the Sonos App settings but the sync is still massively out....