Playbase + Projector + PS4 & XBOX One

  • 5 June 2017
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Hey all! I've been lurking as many topics regarding projector/ console + sonos setups, but I hadn't found any that included a discussion on multiple game consoles and the Playbase. So, here goes.

I have the following devices:
  • an Acer H6510BD (with two HDMI inputs + analog 3.5mm audio out),
  • a Playstation 4 (not slim, not Pro) that I use as my primary entertainment center (games and streaming services), and
  • a recently purchased XBOX One that I need to fit into the system.

I'm interested in buying the Playbase, as I currently own the Play 5 and one CONNECT Amp in my master bedroom and wanted to expand into my living room, particularly to add surround sound capability. What I'd like help with is knowing upfront what accessories, if any, I need to get the best audio with no latency issues.

Mainly I was confused about needing any HDMI/optical audio switches. If I only had the PS4, my assumption was I could run an optical audio cable straight from the console into the Playbase, and run the HDMI straight to the projector.. voila, Sonos sound in my living room (With room to expand to a 5.1 if I choose to buy a couple Play 1's and a SUB). Now that I have two consoles, I really want to consolidate all the wires to one side of the room. (Side note: If I end up buying the Play 1's later on to expand the system, those would be wall mounted in the ceiling corners; I don't mind running cables at that point since I would also invest in crown molding to conceal the wires.)

I'd been on the fence about purchasing a Playbar, since my projector is sitting on a shelf on the wall opposite where the picture is thrown, and I didn't want to run an optical across the room. With the Playbase, though, I figured I can just stack it underneath the projector. (My two consoles will be wall mounted).

Any advice would be appreciated. Tried and true experience with setups including the Playbar and/or Playbase with a projector is obvs preferred.

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1 reply

Hi BrotherUnderCover, Welcome to the community

Projectors/Beamers will usually involve running a cable somewhere, as ideally the source of the sound, in this case the playbase should be positioned above or below the picture, so in the case of a projector, the playbase really should be by the wall where the image is being projected. So that the Front left, Centre and Front Right Audio signals are in the correct position. This then means that if the optical connection was going to the projector the cable would need to run across the room. In your case it would depend on the location of the consoles as to how far the cable's need to be run.

You assumption regarding connecting the projector via HDMI and then the optical connection to the PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE from the PS4 is correct, if you want to use more than one optical source then yes you would need an optical splitter, technically we don't officially support splitters as we can never guarantee the quality / reliability of the 1000's of potential spliiter devices, that said if we were to recommend a company we would normally suggest CYP Europe , this one will do two and this will do four.

Personally for a projector setup I would probably use a PLAYBAR and mount it on the wall and run an optical cable to the console locations, then in time you can add the play:1s as rear surrounds and sub wirelessly and the positioning of the speakers from an surrounds point of view would all be correct .

hope this helps