Playbase problem

I have just purchased a playbase.
I already have an existing sonos system which i run from my iMac or iPhone, which comprises of 5 play3's spread around the house. I'm not using boost i am on a standard set up
I have now added the playbase no problem and everything works fine when I'm playing music.
However, when using it for tv ( Panasonic Viera TX L47ET5B ) I'm having a problem,
Im grouping all my play3's with the playbase , and 1 or 2 of the speakers will have intermittent sound , not always the same ones.
It also happens if i just group 2 of them to the playbase.
Any ideas anyone.
Im not that technical so nothing too complicated !!!!

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As a guess, I'd suggest that there's some issue with the wifi network being able to handle the stream coming from your Playbar, since you're grouping them, rather than Bonding them (as surrounds, which uses a different band).

I'd recommend going into settings in the Sonos App, and changing the channel that the Playbar is using to another channel. They seem to prefer 1, 6 or 11. I'd also take a look at the channel your router is using, and make sure that it isn't the same channel as SonosNet, so if in the app it is using 1, then you should have your router using 6 or 11.

Finally, if none of that works (or makes sense), I'd highly recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of one of those dropouts, and posting the number here. That will send information to the folks at Sonos, who might be able to see a bit further into your setup than I can, and perhaps give you more useful help.
Thanks for that.
I decided to bond them as surrounds and it sounds great .
Got to be honest though , does anyone else think the playbase doesn't go loud enough when used for TVs??
Don't own one, so I can't say for sure. However, I do have a recommendation. Go into the audio settings on your TV, and see if the output is set to "Fixed" rather than "Variable". That will remove the possibility that it's the TV's volume controlling the level of output to the Playbase.

Happy to hear that bonding them as surrounds works for you. As a suggestion, go into the settings on the app and check to see that they're set to "full" rather than "ambient" when playing music, so that you'll get the full sound from them, in addition to the Playbase.
Thanks a lot for your help on this . I don't seem to have that setting on my TV but I'll play around with it . Yeh the full setting helps and I found I can alter the level on the surrounds . I'll get the hang of it it in the end.
Thanks again
You're quite welcome. There's another thread somewhere around with others claiming the same issue, you might want to poke around and check that thread. I've got a couple of Playbars, and never had any issue whatsoever with volume, but not having any experience with a Playbase, and not having your ears, it's hard for me to tell you there's no issue. Just trying to suggest potentials to check. 🙂