Playbase not playing TV audio at all, suddenly

  • 16 January 2021
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Situation:  My playbase is not playing any audio from the TV.


My TV is a Vizio P Series.  


Playbase will play audio direct from Spotify, for instance, when I select this media source in the app.  It is apparently not detecting anything over the optical audio cable.


I have  Roke Premeire connected to Vizio TV via HDMI, and optical audio from TV to Playbase.


I have power cycled everything in the chain, no affect.  Sonos app stays on the Spotify test track and doesn’t auto-detect optical audio.


Roku is set for Dolby Digital.  Vizio TV is also set for Dolby Digital for the Digital Output and Analog Output is Fixed.  TV speakers are “off”.  


I have unplugged the optical cable from the playbase and verified a red light, then re-seated it.  


Nothing is working. There seems to be no customer service anymore at Sonos (I have another question I emailed weeks ago and no response) so I’m grasping at straws, here.  


The app doesn’t seem to have a way to verify Optical Audio coming in (I had thought it would auto-detect, but apparently not).  


I can provide any other information.  This is extremely frustrating.  It was working literally hours ago, I did nothing to the system but turn it on again and suddenly it doesn’t work at all.


EDIT: Diagnostic number is 2018600420

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1 reply


Another odd behavior is the Playbase is not detected “Volume Up” commands from my remote suddenly, but it is detecting “Volume Down”.  It is not detecting “mute”.


Manually I can set volume up and down (and hear the tones when I push the buttons) but the app keeps the input stuck on Spotify and won’t Auto Detect the TV audio input.


I’ve verified my cable on both sides.