Playbar works on top of stand but not on wall

  • 6 November 2017
  • 6 replies

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When my playbar is sitting on top of the entertainment center and I use the TV volume control it works fine. When I rotate the playbar to mount it on the wall, the remote no longer works to adjust the volume. Thoughts?

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6 replies

Is it plugged in when you change the orientation? I believe the sensor that detects the orientation needs power when it is moved. Which seems odd to say, I wonder if that's really true. I've never opened mine to check. But it's worth a shot.
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Yep. That's not the problem. Still won't work.
Huh. Well, then, I'd recommend calling in to Sonos and talking to a tech about it. It's entirely possible that there's a hardware issue with yours. I've never heard of one before, regarding this issue particularly, but it's electronics, and like it or not, they do fail sometimes. Could be the IR sensor, could be the orientation sensor not 'flipping", who knows. I'd certainly recommend running a diagnostic before calling them, as I'll bet they'll ask for one. But I'm not sure if it would show this issue or not. Certainly wouldn't hurt to run one, though.

You can find your region's hours, phone numbers, and even 24/7 support information at
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I agree, giving us a call is probably best.

However, when you flip it, would you say that the IR sensor is closer to the TV or further away than when it's on the table? Sometimes a TV can cause interference on the IR sensor.

Try turning the TV off and play music on Sonos with the PLAYBAR on the wall. Then, see if you can use the remote to adjust the volume (with the TV still off).
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The IR sensor is no closer to the TV regardless of orientation. Tried it with just music and still no dice. I'll have to call support and run diagnostics on it.
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Thanks for testing that out. Let us know how it goes.