(Playbar with surround & sub) - volume difference between TV and music inputs

  • 18 December 2016
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I'm brand new to Sonos, and absolutely love the gear so far! I've also spent much of the last 2 days browsing around all of the information on the Sonos web site and in this community forum, which has taught me a ton!

I have one small issue that I'm wondering if there is an easy solution for.

I have a playbar with a sub and two play-1's for surround. The playbar is connected to an LG 55LA7400 TV via the optical cable. My issue is that the TV volume is lower than the volume when I play music. When I use the Sonos system with TV, I have to bump the volume up 4 or 5 increments... no big deal... but then when I switch back to music it plays considerably louder than I would like, so I have to quickly turn the volume back down 4 or 5 increments, and hope my wife doesn't yell at me. LOL :)

Is there any way to "equalize" the volume of the two different inputs in some way? I looked through the audio settings on my LG TV, but I didn't see anything related to changing the output level on the optical output. I also clicked through the Sonos settings, and I found a couple of interesting things like being able to independently set the level of the surrounds for TV & Music, and also the ability to change the surrounds from "ambient" to "full" for music playing, but I can't seem to find anything to address my issue of volume difference between the two different input sources.

But I've only been using the playbar for 1 day so far, so maybe it is something obvious that I just haven't figured out yet. :)

Thanks in advance for any advice that you might have!


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1 reply

It's probably bad form to reply to one's own post, but I just did some more searching on this topic and I found some posts that I didn't see before.

It seems as though it is pretty well known that the sound level from TV optical input into a playbar tends to be significantly lower than the sound level from streaming music inputs.


Some of the threads are fairly old, and contain some mentions of a feature request to add some sort of "optical input boost" setting on the Sonos side. Does anyone know if that feature might be coming in the future, or might even be part of code that is currently in beta?

If not, is there someplace other than this community forum where customers can request, or "vote for," future features that are being considered for implementation?