Playbar with samsung tv

  • 2 April 2013
  • 7 replies

HI i have purchased a playbar which works fine with my samsung tv apart from a warning message apearing on my tv when volume is pressed saying NOT AVAILABLE i have called samsung and they recommened speaking to sonos any idea? the model is LE46C580J1KXXU

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7 replies

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Hello, That is not a message from SONOS, but from your TV reminding you the speakers are off. Samsung should have informed you of that. We cannot turn off that message from them, but we do have a possible workaround. Please see the attached SONOS answer for those steps. Answer Title: Eliminating annoying messages on your TV with your Cable, TV, or Set Top Box Remote Answer Link:
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I have encountered the same "NOT AVAILABLE" issue and approached Samsung customer service with the request for a software modification to disable the "NOT AVAILABLE BANNER", when using the TV in conjunction with an external speaker. I have also explored numerous workarounds which have resulted in less than satisfactory conclusions. The options here appear to be, ditch the TV or the Sonos Playbar :(:(:( ... Unfortunately the system will just never be right. The suggested workaround is not possible on PS50C7000YKXXU. Samsung response detailed below: Thank you for contacting Samsung online technical support. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the connection of these devices. I understand that this must be frustrating. Unfortunately Samsung are not developing software for this issue and this sound bar will not work down to incompatibility. We can not guarantee that all third party devices will work with our products and advise you purchase a sound bar with a separate remote. If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know. Our Customer Support Team love feedback! Share your thoughts on this response by completing the survey at the bottom of this page. Kind regards, Andrew Online Support Team
I have a Samsung TV also and have the same issue. Can someone post what brands of TV work well with Sonos - given how anyone this message is and the fact that Samsung won't do anything about it, it would be great to know if TVs like LG and Sony are a better fit. I just went to a TV store to buy a new TV and asked the expert what brands work well with Sonos but he did not know.

Sonos is a brilliant solution and the TV manufacturers should be making sure they are compatible with solutions like this.
Hi User876981. Now you are in this position, there are a few possible workarounds: 1. I use a Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote to get round a similar issue with my Panasonic TV. Not a cheap solution, but it's a great way to avoid remote clutter as well. I haven't tried it with a Samsung but in principle I think it would work. (You try it at your own risk.) 2. Before this, I put a set of iPod headphones in the TV headphone output rather than switch to external speakers. On the Panasonic, the result was less annoying than the popup. Can't speak for the Samsung. 3. If your TV has the Samsung Bluetooth Smart remote, you might be able to configure things to kill the popup. There is a brief guide to this on my website: Hope something there helps you. John, Canford Cliffs Audio
Thanks John. Great info.

I tried the headphones idea (smart one!) but no luck with the Samsung.

The Logitech might be a good solution. I don't have the smart remote, only a standard Samsung remote.
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fyi. I have used the Harmony Remote and it solved most of my Samsung issues with the Sound Bar.
Anyone find solutions that work with an Apple Remote?