Playbar with Pioneer PDP-428XD

  • 30 July 2013
  • 5 replies

I bought a playbar yesterday and have connected with a bridge and the digital audio cable but can get no sound. I have a Pioneer pdp-428xd with all HDMI ports used. Can anyone help?

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5 replies

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Did you go through the setup using the Controller Application on computer connected to same network as the bridge. Assume setup should be bridge connected to your home wifi router with Ethernet cable. Playbar just connected to your Pioneer TV via audio cable.
Yes. Bridge connected to,router via Ethernet and playbar just by audio cable. I followed the controller app instructions. The only thing I couldn't do is turn the tv speakers off but so instead turned to volume down as the instructions said. It said cannot find TV audio signal. Thx
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Unfortunately, I think with your TV the digital audio out doesn't pass through the sound from HDMI sources (actually says in its manual it does not). It does look like the analog audio output is always active. So a work around would be connecting an adapter to the analog audio out (RCA to Toslink adapter - they cost less than $20 I believe) or connecting from the source you are wanting to watch directly to the Soundbar (not through TV). As far as de-activating speakers looks like turning down like you did is way or you could plug a dummy cord into the headphone jack on the back.
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Hello Sonos Customer, I noticed that my colleague Andrew is currently assisting you (reference number 130729-001114). If it's alright with you I'll close this post to centralize the channel of support. Thank you Max
Was it possible to connect sonos with this Pioneer pro-428xd device. I have the same issue can not find TV audio Signal