Playbar with 2x Play 1's but NO SUB

  • 2 November 2016
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Thinking of splashing out on a Playbar and adding in my 2 Play 1's to give me surround sound.
1) If my TV Optical isn't passing through full 5.1, will the above set up still give me a version of surround sound (albeit without the sub)?
2) Could I connect the optical cable directly into my XboxOne instead, and get true Dolby 5.1 (From Netflix, Blu Ray and Games), again, albeit without the Sub?
Thanks in advance.

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5 replies

1) you'll get stereo, the play:1s probably won't do much.
2) yes.
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What make and model TV do you have?

You could also achieve the desired result by adding an optical switch if needs be.
@AtterKing I have a Panasonic TXP42W60
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I doubt that will pass through Dolby Digital. Like you've correctly suggested, if you connect direct to the Xbox you'll receive 5.1 (providing the thing you're playing is outputting DD).

My previous TV(s) didn't pass through DD, so I bought a cheap 3 port optical switch, this allowed my to select 2 devices (the 3rd being a direct link from Playbar to TV), so my Set Top Box and Xbox One were 'switchable' and gave me full 5.1.
Excellent, thanks for the reply.