Playbar wall mount or under TV mount

  • 2 August 2017
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We intend to wall mount our TV but on an arm to allow us to swing the TV out at an angle from the wall for good viewing and back against the wall when not in use.

My dilemma is if I am best to undermount the Playbar on the TV so that it's always oriented with the TV and at the viewers or to wall mount it so that it's always stationary and therefore not messing with the True Play tuning of the room. We don't watch a lot of TV and the Playbar would also be used to augment our existing Sonos set-up as our new living room speaker, allowing us to re-purpose the Play 1s elsewhere.


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1 reply

I wouldn't thing the amount of swivel of the TV mount with the Playbar attached would be so much as to significantly impact the TruePlay tuning.

Unless you measure to the centimeter where you sit in the room every time you sit down. And, as you suggest, when you're not watching TV and just listening to music, you can just push the TV back to the wall and it will be 100% TruePlayed, rather than 99% (I'm guessing at those numbers, by the way).