Playbar volume issues

  • 19 April 2014
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I have a sonos playbar, connected optically to a sony TV with optical output with TV speakers turned off, the bar is connected to the bridge as I also have a play5. I got the bar prior to Xmas and have had the following occasional issue which in the last two days has progressed into a regular issue The volume goes out of sync with the displayed volume level To remedy this I turned the volume to zero, sound would still be played at low level from the bar so would then press lower volume (TV still showed zero) till sound stopped coming from the bar. This would normally correct the issue, now more often than not it doesn't. The sound now plays at a low level (some times no volume) even when turned up to max. Have tried powering down all components, checking all connections and settings on T.V

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9 replies

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you have to disable the tv speakers
Yes had done that. Sussed it out. The occasional intermittent problem was when the dogs went to the lounge window they blocked the Sonos I.R receiver !!?!? The more recent problem was the babies new play gym........... When in it he blocked the I.R,. Grrrr Not sure how other T.V's work but the Sony displays the volume level been increased/decreased even if the Sonos I.R receiver is blocked and so not actually increasing/decreasing the sound level. Either way the volume level shown on the T.V to the actual sound output is now out of sync.
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Hi dcbrannan,

The volume bar on the TV doesn't really represent anything as far as the PLAYBAR is concerned as the PLAYBAR has it's own volume settings. You can use any of your Sonos controllers (iOS, Android, Windows PC, or Mac) to turn the volume up or down on the PLAYBAR. If you'd like to get the two in sync better, you can use a remote to adjust the volume shown on the TV, and us a controller for Sonos to change the volume on the PLAYBAR. But this will get out of sync again.

As Jakob suggested, it's best to turn off the TV speakers.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
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I have the same issue, but the TV speakers come back on each time the TV gets turned off and then back on again. Is there any way to keep the Audio System as the default when TV is turned on?
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James. This is going to be tv dependent. What model do you have?
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I have a Sony Bravia KDL 46EX503
I have this same issue. Sony 65 inch 4K. Don't have model # handy. I dial the volume with my AppleTV remote all the way down to zero, do the same on my Sonos app controller, then increase the volume with my Apple TV remote. The result is that it's far too loud. E.g., at volume 3 it's very loud. And it's incrementally louder as I dial it up. I played it with syncing in the opposite direction as well and have a similar problem (but opposite of course). Also, it has nothing to do with the speakers on TV not being turned off. Sonos team: what's the fix for this?? It's annoying and it shouldn't happen. Thanks.
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I have this. It is irritating. And just today we have a version where the volume keeps going up without any input from the remote. That is not fun
Yep same issue here. I have a Sony Bravia KD-49 X8309C. Sometimes the tv volume reading is 50+ the next day I only have to have it on 11 for the same volume. You can sync it by setting tv volume to zero then adjusting playbar volume on the left hand side down to a point where you cannot here anything. Then adjust volume with remote as required. This works, but only temporarily as it will soon be out of alignment once you change volume level again with your remote. I agree it’s annoying.