playbar volume effect on entire group

  • 24 August 2013
  • 5 replies

If volume of Playbar is changed using an IR remote, is the volume of Play 5's in the same group adjusted also?

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5 replies

No. The IR volume only affects the Playbar.
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this needs to be changed...

it's GROUPED for a reason.

if i'm changing the volume of the group, the volume of the playbar & the play 5 should be both changed
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same problem
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Same solution
same problem

Sorry, but this is not really a "problem". It works as designed. The only reason I and many others can imagine for having a volume controlling all Grouped speakers is if you have the Grouped speakers in the same room as your Playbar+surrounds+Sub. This type of configuration is not the optimum because in a 5.1 surround sound system each speaker plays one discreet channel in a specific configuration to anchor the surround effects to a certain location in the room. So a car going left to right across the screen goes from the L to the C to the R speakers in the Playbar, and a bullet whizzing past your right ear goes from Front Right to Right surround. Any Grouped speakers in the same room would be playing all the discrete channels from one direction, thus muddying the directional effects and ruining the surround experience.

Sonos may not be able to prevent a user from ruining the carefully crafted surround effects, but they are not going to encourage a less-than optimal experience by allow you to control that experience via a remote which should only be used for the optimized 5.1 components.