Playbar volume control through FIOS remote.

  • 4 March 2013
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Playbar with FIOS cable box remote? Currently the volume button on the FIOS remote controls the volume on my Samsung SMARTV... can I program that same remote to adjust volume of the playbar?

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7 replies

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You can control TV volume using your existing cable box remote.
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You can control PLAYBARs via your cable box remote.
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OK but how would one program the cable remote to do so?
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When I saw a demo of playbar, the rep hit volume up amd it magically programmed it. it was pretty cool amd simple. He said the codes are stored in the cloud. If the code isn't stored, it will prompt the user to program vol +/ +/- etc.
As Tua09788 said, it's pretty simple. You point the remote at the Playbar, hit Volume Up, and the Playbar does the rest. Most codes are preset, but if you have to, the Playbar will learn the code. You must also turn off the speakers in your TV via the menu, or by pegging the TV volume at zero, but that's all there is to it.
I've tried doing as stated in other responses but I've not gotten my playbar to respond to the Verizon remote. I've recently moved and had to set up everything again. So I know it works, I just can't get it to sync now. Any ideas?
JeanClaude71 use the Sonos app. Go to More/Settings/Room settings/ pick your playbar/TV/ then remote setup. Just follow the screens at that point.