Playbar to Connect AMP wireless connectivity?

  • 11 February 2019
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I have four hard wired speaker zones throughout the house with a Connect AMP connected to each zone. I recently bought a Sonos Playbar and wondered how I would go about using the speakers in the family room to augment to the sound bar. I have an optical line running from the TV to the Playbar, but I don't know how to get it to wireless send the sound to the connect amp for playing sound through the hard wired speakers.

All of the hard wired speaker zones were wired to a junction box in my bedroom closet when they built the house so there is probably 35ft of distance between the sound bar and the connect amp.

Any ideas?

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4 replies

This might help:

Note however that to use the Connect:Amp for surrounds the system has to be in SonosNet ('wired') mode and there must be a wired path between the C:A and the Playbar. It can't use a wireless connection.

In other words either both must be wired to the network; or some other component must be wired, plus a direct Ethernet connection between the C:A and the Playbar.
I figured I would end up having to run some new cat 5 cable for this setup. Thanks for the support article and help!
As I was reading that support article you posted, I saw this statement:

"The Subwoofer output and Line-In connections are disabled when using the Amp or Connect:Amp in a TV surround configuration."

This is referring to the subwoofer output on the Connect Amp itself, and is not saying that if I hook up the Sonos Subwoofer unit itself that it won't work, correct?
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Correct. the Sonos Sub will connect to the playbar wirelessly in your scenario.