Playbar Support for LG OLED TVs

  • 14 September 2017
  • 12 replies

Does the Playbar support LG OLED55C7V?

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12 replies

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Hello mattcollins, welcome to the community. As long as that TV supports Dolby Digital output over optical, it should be compatible with the PLAYBAR. From a look at the LG literature, it appears it supports Dolby Digital output. For more information see here:
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Yes it does. i have a c7
Do you mean the LG Magic remote? I have the same problem. Cannot make it work together with my playbar
I have a c7 and the magic remote control works fine with Playbar after doing the setup in the Sonos app.
Managed it too. But a very important hint. The TV has to be switched off. Then follow the instructions in the Sonos App and it works fine!
Sorry, have to correct my reply. My LG Magic remote can now control my playbar, if the TV is switched off. BUt not if the LG C7V is switched on. I did go through the SONOS process to setup a remote control, unsuccessfully many times. Would be glad if you can post the config of your TV "branrollins"
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Trying to get my magic remote and my sky q remote to work with the c7 at the same time. But you can only configure one at a time which is rubbish as i was able to this with my samsung.
I'm at the same place as Itherion - about to return the playbase. I am only able to get through the remote control setup on the app by turning off the tv. Once I have the tv on, it does not control the sound. What should the setting in the LG be? I tried turning off the simplink option - made no difference. I have tried the Audio Out (optical/hdmi arc) and the LG Sound Synch (Optical) neither of which works. Any suggestions before I pack this back up and take it back?
I have the LG OLED55C7. I installed the Playbase today and completed the initial SONOS setup. I disabled the TV sound and enabled the LG Sound Sync Optical in the TV settings. Sound came out fine from the Playbase. However, I had no volume control. I had to manually change the volume from the Playbase volume control. The TV screen showed the volume bar but there was no change in volume. I went back to the SOUND OUT LG menus and changed the setting to Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC) The TV remote now controls the volume from the Playbase in steps. My remote requires I press the volume control for each volume step. Holding the volume will not increase the sound continually. I can live with that but it would be nice to have a continuous up or down. I sent an e-mail to SONOS support asking about that. Now if I can get the room correction to finish. I have spent 30 minutes walking around waving my iPad around and I always have something (Room noise, fans, creaking floors, etc) interrupt the process. Wow is it sensitive. It is winter and I have hard wood floors. Hard to reduce noise any more that I did.
I have a c7 and the magic remote control works fine with Playbar after doing the setup in the Sonos app. I was unable to ge the LG remote to work. It is an RFI device apparently. Were you just using the Sonos setup app straight up? Thanks!
so is there no a final resolution on the problem? I get my LG C7 Remote connected to playbar but only working TV in off-mode..which makes 0 sense to control music of playbar with TV remote....any final tips here?
I am also interested in this. What are the settings needed to be able to controls volume with the magic remote?