Playbar/Sony TV/Sky remote

  • 24 March 2013
  • 55 replies

Hi, I'm sure this is really easy to fix, but am struggling.....I installed my Playbar today, I have a Sony TV which I control with my Sky remote. I have got the sound coming from the Playbar and changed the speakers to Audio System on the TV to do this. However, although I can control the sound from my Sky remote, everytime I change the sound I get the message "TV Volume is Fixed". Any ideas how toi disable this?

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55 replies

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Camelgrana - if you follow my solution above you can get rid of the volume slider
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However the link in my original post seems broken so try this one,
AndrewLockhart I can't find your post with the solution to make the slide volume bar disappears. The link above takes me to sky forum. I am confused 😉
THANKS ERIC_23 !! Playbar sounds amazing! Now for the sub and Play 1 on my wishlist.
Thanks for your quick and direct solution. It took me less than a minute to sort!! Very pleased ?