Playbar & Sonos 5

I have just got a Playbar, I already have a Sonos 5. I can get them both to play the same music at the same time but I cant get the Sonos 5 to play the same TV sound as the Playbar. Is this possible? Any help would be gratefully received.

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Choose 'Group' on the Playbar, then check the Play:5 to add it to the Playbar group.
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Just to add, in-case you aren't aware. The PLAY:5 can't be actually paired with the PLAYBAR, for a surround type setup. But yeah, grouping it will do just fine for a temporary listening situation!
Hi, understand that the PLAYBAR can't be paired with the PLAY: 5 - from the above post. I presume that the PLAY 5 should not be positioned in the vertical way but best to set up horizontal if grouped with the PLAYBAR?
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Play 5 Gen 2 CAN be added as surrounds to the Playbar

It is, however, generally considered to be significant overkill to use Play 5 as surrounds
The Play 5 (one only) is Gen 2. Added as surround; does that mean that the sound will complement the Play Bar as distinct from just being Grouped with it? Overkill - yes; was going to just have music streamed with Play 5 then the idea of the Playbar followed. It's for a very noisy area (kitchen and dining area) so may need all the sound I can afford. Hoping to use the Soundbar not just for the TV but to stream music. Thanks very much. First timer on this forum.
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A single Play:5 can not be paired as a surround unit. You would need 2 Play:5's to make the rear right and left surround.
Thanks Chris. So with a playbar I can use a single play 5 in group mode to stream music / watch tv, but not have the benefit of surround (better word than complement) sound.

So to have surround sound with the playbar needs two other units (makes sense but inconvenient for me).

Can those two other units (to the playbar) be a play 5 and a play 1 or am I limited to two play 5's or two play 1's, for example?
They need to be the same model. We usually recommend the Play:1, they are more than adequate for surround sound speakers.
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yea you can't mix it would have to be 2 of Play:5 to use the Play:5 you have.
Thanks jgatie, Chris and Stuart_W, I have my answer. Ditch the Play 5, now I have a Playbar, for the kitchen / dining area - add a couple of Play 1's for surround sound and I find a home for the Play 5 somewhere else.

Hmmm... This presents another question. Using the play 5 and other play 1's elsewhere; can I have surround sound happening (as above) AND have them synced with other speakers that are grouped elsewhere in the house? Outcome: synchronised sound throughout the house with one room only that has surround sound playing?
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The other rooms are slightly delayed about 40ms or so but yes you can
Thanks again. I'm not sure how kosher it is to keep extending the questions. I'm curious; if I am to set up another, separate 'surround sound area' will this continue to work with only the same limitation as above (slightly delayed about 40ms or so)?
With the second 'surround sound area' being powered by a Connect connected to an amp and two conventional speakers?
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Any sound from an input sent across the Sonos network has about 70ms delay. The direct digital connection on the playbar keeps it and it's paired speakers only to about 20ms or so. So yes if you have a connect hooked to a receiver elsewhere it about 50ms delayed. It will also be stereo sound as the playbar only send stereo signal to other Sonos units.
Thanks Chris,
Once I've had a chance to set everything up I'll understand this better and / or have more questions. Either way I'll give some feedback. Good to get some guidance.