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I would like to buy a Sonos Soundbar, but my question is if can set up the positin of the bar in the back of the sofa and not in the front where is the tv. Can I do this? The sound quality will be good? Thanks

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The only physical limitation is that you would need to run a TOSLink cable from your TV to your Playbar or Playbase. The downside from an Audio perspective is that the Playbar and Playbase are designed to be your Front Left, Centre & Front Right speakers and you will have them at the back of your seating position.
I would go as far as to say this is a completely crazy idea, and you should abandon it immediately.
I agree with John B. The sound quality will not be good at all.

Not only would the sound be from totally the wrong direction (i.e. disassociated from the TV picture), and the frequency response lousy (look what evolution has done to the shape of the ear), but the channels would be reversed unless you make things even worse by firing the PLAYBAR away from the back of the sofa.
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I guess he has reasons for this question, isn't he?
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This is a terrible idea, do not do this - it will only result in massive disappointment
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camillo777 wrote:

I guess he has reasons for this question, isn't he?

Doesn’t have permission from the wife is most likely.

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