Playbar Optical lead falls out

  • 9 December 2016
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My playbar optical lead falls out It plays ok when I hold the lead in place. Sonos want £200 for a repair/swap. How can I take the playbar apart to repair it. I have removed the two screws in the fixing key hole slots. Is there a hidden third screw under the serial no label. I am electricaly competent having built power amps and DACS. Does anybody know a supplier for a new optical socket? Thanks Bill mac

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4 replies

Is there any progress on accessing true play from a Samsung phone is a Galaxy 5s Bill mac
Problem solved I contacted Sonos customer support a second time and they have advised me as to how to resolve the problem
Warning- if you contact SONOS “support” to request assistance with fixing a broken Toslink (optical) door on a Playbar, go in knowing that they do not stand behind their products. I own 12-14 different SONOS products. I was an early adopter and praised the products when discussing amongst my friends. So when I noticed the cable hanging out and no audio on my Playbar, I called them to ask about a service center in my area. I was fully expecting to pay for the repair- I was only looking for a place to take it for a quick turnaround. Instead, the rep had an attitude, perhaps because he deals with this issue often, and told me I had three choices: send my well cared for Playbar to SONOS along with $169 in exchange for someone else’s refurbished unit, buy a new Playbar or do nothing. Of course I chose door #3 and continue to keep the cable inserted by balancing the cable and taping it 2 dvd cases. Since SONOS freely admits that the original design was faulty, they should have a part for sale or available to its loyal customers to fix this when it happens. And trust me, it will happen (I know 2 people who have the same issue). It’s really too bad SONOS will no longer stand by their products. As such, I will no longer stand behind them. This was the first Christmas in years where my wife did not buy me something from SONOS and while saddened I have survived. While I would have loved another Player or Connect, the Heos I received is just as good if not better. I do know one thing, not another penny will ever be paid for any SONOS products in this house again.
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I also have a broken optical door on my Playbar. SONOS support asked me for a picture of the door as if they had no idea what I was talking about. I also have a lot of SONOS equipment and have been a great advocate for their products. I just saw this post and, frankly, hope that i get a better response from customer support than you did. I already bought a new Playbase to replace where this unit was but still would like to have this Playbar be more than just a speaker for music.